Friday, April 2, 2010

To Shower or Not To Shower

Although the title of this post could be about my debate some nights when I have been completely exhausted after working all day, coming home, preparing dinner, cleaning up, bathing Addison, getting her ready for bed, reading to her, and then ironing her clothes for the next day and preparing her lunch, it is not. Grant is usually a big help, but a couple of nights of weeks he has been going to Mayflower to remodel a house for his parents. I've missed him being here, but we have survived just fine, and the house should be done before Ansley's arrival. So actually, this post is about the first baby shower for Ansley. Some may find showers for the 2nd baby controversial, but I've always said that it isn't the baby's fault that they weren't first, and they deserve new stuff, too! I was so honored when Holly and Heather decided to host a baby shower for us! Now, with that said, we didn't need big stuff, and I still felt a little weird about having a shower, but we decided to keep it small, and just invited close friends and family. We recieved so many nice gifts! It was so fun coming home and going through everything again. I really began to feel prepared when I got things put up.

Gigi gave us this little "a" onsie- SOOO cute!

Holly and Heather did the diaper bag- I LOVE IT!

My friend Suzy made this little Razorback dress. She is very talented and I can't wait to see Ansley in it!

Several people also brought Addison gifts which I thought was super sweet!

The food table

Heather, me, and Holly

The adorable and delicious cake!

A diaper cake my friend Sarah made! Look closely and you will see some absolutely precious shoes! Too Cute!
So a BIG thanks to all who came and for all the wonderful gifts! Holly and Heather- I really appreciate you hosting this shower for us!