Friday, April 2, 2010

Big Sister Class

Well, this precious angel's world is about to be rocked. In order to help prepare her, and do something special for her, we decided to take her to the Big Brother/Big Sister class at Baptist Hospital where I will deliver. The class was last Sunday from 3-4:15 and I would recommend it!

This was the perfect opportunity for her to wear this absolutely adorable outfit my sister bought for Addison. Ansley has a matching Little Sister one! They are so cute!

At the class, they made a picture for the baby that they can bring to the hospital and put in the bassinet. I already have this picture packed in my bag! They also practiced diapering, swaddling, and holding a baby. Then we toured the Labor and Delivery Floor which included looking at a baby in the nursery! Addison has a new baby cousin, Luke which I think has also helped prepare her. Luke is a beautiful baby, and I plan on blogging about him, too soon!

After the class, we went to Purple Cow to eat- Addison's pick! We enjoyed our Mommy, Daddy, Addison date!

Here she is with her certificate for completing the class!