Friday, September 28, 2007

Here we go!

This was saved as a draft from when I attempted to start the blog last year. My friend Katie told me blogging is a great way to remember things. When I read this (9/27/08)I understood what she meant. I had already forgotten about this. I decided to go ahead and post it just for kicks!

After spending hours laughing and crying while reading other blogs, I decided to start one for my family. My concerns- who will want to read this? will I keep it up? how many words will I misspell? Oh thank goodness for spellcheck! Well, I started this in September and I am just now completing my draft. Sarah, if you can do this, so can I.

This has been a good week. Grant was out of town so Addison and I went to Murfreesboro to stay with my parents on Tuesday and Wednesday. This was the first time since Addison was about 2 months old that we spent the night there. We really enjoyed ourselves. We got to see my grandmothers which is always a blessing! My Mam Maw is in a nursing home. She is mentally very strong for an 85 year old lady. My Granny Sue (88) still lives alone at home. These two ladies mean so much to me. I took pictures with Addison and each of them. You just never know....

Addison got to bond with my dad a little more and she enjoyed playing with her cousin Kane. My sister even enjoyed showing her off at school. We got to shop and use some gift certificates I received as baby shower gifts. Overall it was a great trip. I was glad to get back home even though Grant didn't come home until today.

We were glad to see him. He even brought us girls a little surprise. Funny how he's never brought me back anything before. :)