Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It's Official!

So my boss, Mandie, called me today, and as we were talking she said, "so are you coming back three days?" I had hinted at this before my leave, but we weren't sure with everything. I have planned childcare for me working 3 days, but I hadn't told them at work. So I answered her "YES" and just felt relieved. I'm not sure why this was such a big deal for me. I think this was a good moment for me. Instead of being sad and pouty about going back to work, I am thanking God, (and my husband!) that I will be working 3 days and be home with my girls the other 2. I have really enjoyed being home. The past couple of weeks I have really gotten in a good groove of things with taking care of the girls, cleaning house, and cooking dinner. Now let me assure you that not all those things happen daily- well except for the girls part! I really think I could be a SAHM and enjoy it. I know it wouldn't be easy- I have a high respect for those that do it!
So today, I have put on 100 different outfits on Barbie Princesses, cut out 1000 circles for a butterfly art project, listened/watched Dora, bounced a baby back to sleep after wakening up from a loud noise courtesy of her sister, changed 10 dirty diapers, changed my shirt 2x from spit up and/or drool, planned birthday parties, folded laundry, fixed breakfast and lunch, provided several meals for Ansley, and tried to plan dinner. I feel extremely blessed, and I can't wait to do this on a part time basis!
I also feel extremely blessed to love what I do professionally! I am ready to see my kiddos! I have missed them.

Monday, June 21, 2010

2 Months Old!

Happy 2 months to my little Ansley Sue! She has changed so much this month! She is still a little particular about things, but she has mellowed out a lot!

Ansley- You have really grown! We go to the doctor tomorrow and I can't wait to see what you weigh and how long you are now! You smile a lot now and have giggled a few times! You enjoy sitting in your bouncy seat, and watched a Baby Einstein video for the first time and loved it! (don't criticize me- I was trying to distract her with TV so she would take a bottle- :) no success) You are awake more and have a somewhat regular routine now! You pretty much sleep, eat, play. You finally have began enjoying your bath and have even seemed to look at yourself in the mirror. You will lay on your play mat and kick and coo and just look around!

You still eat every 2 hours, and sometimes still do at night! You have began taking a long nap from around 7:15 p.m. to 10:30 or 11:00, eat, go back to sleep, eat between 1 and 2, sleep, eat between 3-4 and then sometimes you will sleep until after 7am. So your longest times are at the beginning and end of each night! You sleep in the pack and play until the wee hours and then I get lazy and just keep you in bed with us! I think daddy's alarm has started waking you up! During the day, you usually have 2 30-45 minute naps and then you will take a 1-2 hour nap after lunch and another in the later afternoon.

You still sleep better when you are swaddled, and swaddling also seems to comfort and calm you when you are just cranky and fighting sleep! I have tried to wean you a little from swaddling, but will continue it at night!

Today you had your first conversation! You took a few turns vocalizing/cooing with me! This was pretty exciting to your speech therapist mommy! We fall in love with you more each day!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

This and That

Just a little about all that is going on...

Ansley is really smiling now and has been for a couple of weeks. I love it! She finds her daddy pretty silly! I took a few pictures of them playing! Of course, I called Grant in there because she was so happy, but he didn't think to take pictures of us playing! HA! I thought this picture turned out neat!

I persuaded Grant to take a nap with Ansley on Saturday afternoon and went outside with Addison. I let her play in the sprinkler for a little while. We also tossed the ball back and forth and if you didn't catch it, you had to run through the sprinkler. We had fun! I wanted to take her picture because her bathing suit was super cute. She was such a ham! Work it girl!

In other news, we are swaddle weaning here! Ansley really responded well to swaddling, but I am trying to get her where she can sleep without being swaddled, too. Her startle response is so intense she always wakes herself up. I read to undo one arm at a time to get them use to it. So this week during her daytime naps, I have left her right arm out! She had done pretty good with it!

Addison drew a picture today of Ansley. She even included the unswaddled arm! I thought it was hilarious!

On another note...we are also working on trying to get Ms. Pris to take a bottle. We are trying everything...nipples, bottles, positions, environments, etc. etc.! We aren't having much success! Mom is coming this week to help so we shall see! I've really stressed about this but I have given it to God and I am confident it will work out. I talked to the Lactation Consultant at our Pediatrician's office and she brought up the fact that some babies this age are sleeping 8-10 hours at night without eating. If Ansley refuses to take a bottle then she will just reverse feed and eat at night. This actually made me feel much better!

Life is good. Overwhelming at times. But good! Thank you Lord for answering prayers in Your way, thank you Grant for being a great Daddy and husband, and thank you Momma! You do a little of everything!

I am listening to Grant snore over the monitor, so I think I will join him! I probably just missed out on the longest period of Ansley's sleep for the night!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Porter

On Saturday the girls and I went to Porter's birthday party. He is my cousin Ben's son. Grant had to go to work for a little while so we were on our own! We met my mom and other family there in downtown LR at their condo. It was a dinosaur themed party, and Tera made the best cupcakes for her little man! Ansley and I missed the Happy Birthday song. She wanted round 2 of her meal but was too hot under the hooter hider!

Happy Birthday Porter! He is walking now and is the cutest thing!

Ansley and her Nana!

Addison and her Nana!

Aunt Jean who lives in Florida and Ansley. Aunt Jean is Porter's Maw Maw!

Here is Porter with his other grandmother!

My girly girl who loved the dinosaur nose! We had a lot of fun. I have lots of respect for single moms! It wore me out getting us all 3 ready, running by Target to get a present and getting to the party pretty much on time! It didn't help that it was 100 degrees outside!

Friday, June 11, 2010

No She Didn't!

Addison has not napped well for the past year, but we still have rest time and sometimes she does go to sleep. Sometimes she will lie in her bed and yell, "Can I get up now!!??" Since I've been on maternity leave, she has laid down around 2:00. In order to decrease the yelling and do a little lesson on telling time, I showed her what 3:00 looked like and told her she could get up then. Today was the same. I told her she could get up at 3 when the big hand was on the 12 and the little hand was on the 3. She laid in there for a while and I fed Ansley. Addison eventually started yelling. Ansley was almost asleep so I didn't yell back or go in there. I was thinking it was around 2:20 so I waited a few minutes, got Ansley down, and turned to go check on Addison. She met me in the hall and said "Its 3!" I went in her room to show her what her clock said. Lo and behold her clock looked like this....

HMMMM! I didn't think it was 3 yet. Wait! What is this??

A stool under her clock!

I went into the kitchen to verify the time. The clock said...

"But mommy, MY clock says its 3!"
I have to admit, I was impressed!


Today over on Kelly's Korner, she is doing Show Us Your Life- China Patterns. Since my china is special, I thought I would participate! When Grant and I got married, 10 years ago, I didn't get China because I knew I would be getting my Granny Sue's China. This china is exactly what I would've wanted if I had picked out new! But this china is even more special because it is hand painted by a family member, Aunt Faye.
My china is now displayed in a china hutch in my dining room. This, too, is special because it was also Granny Sue's!

I was able to find crystal stemware that matched perfectly!

It is funny how the plates, bowls, and cups are much smaller than the ones you see today! They had their portions under better control!

I also have an inexpensive Christmas china set that I bought at Target. I love the snowflake design and it mixes perfectly with my other serving pieces and glasses!
What is your china pattern?

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Yesterday, I decided to be brave and take off to Murfreesboro by myself with the girls! We had good trips down there and back! They did great! We went to Granny Sue's house and just hung out there. Ansley got good sleeping time in Granny's lap. Anna and I even got to do a little shopping!

Happy Birthday G-Dad!

Addison wanted to wear matching outfits!

On Saturday the 5th, we went to Mayflower to celebrate Grant's Dad's birthday. When we got there, Gaywyn wasn't feeling to well. She thought she had gotten to hot, but soon realized she had a stomach virus. Before too long, Gary wasn't feeling well either. We didn't get any pictures of the birthday boy, since he was under the weather. We had a good time, and some of Gary and Gaywyn's friends came to celebrate. Luckily no one else came down with it.

Ansley went to sleep in the bouncy, and I had to take a picture!

Here is Mr. Luke Michael! I stole some of these pictures from Gi! I think he is just adorable!

Addison and the babies! Luke is 11 weeks old and Ansley 6 weeks.

Sweet cousins!

Addison's Shug, Gi's husband- Michael, took Addison and Grant out on his fishing boat!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a great Memorial Day weekend! On Saturday, we met our friends Lori and Jason, and their 3 month old son, Ramsey, at the Mayflower house. The guys grilled steaks and the the girls took care of babies! We use to meet Lori and Jason at 9:00 for dinner. Boy have things changed!

We tried to get a good picture of the babies, but had a little trouble...

I hope Ansley cries and turns away from boys for looong time!

This one turned out a little better...Ramsey is happy!
Addison enjoyed holding Ramsey!

For dessert, we made S'mores! Lori and Jason had never made them before. Addison was glad to show them how to do it!

We sat outside and took pictures of the kiddos! What did we use to do when we were together??!!
Two good daddies and two sweet babies!

On Sunday, Addison and I made a cake in honor of the true meaning of Memorial Day. It was neat listening to Addison explain what it was about.

My mom came up on Sunday to spend a couple of days. She wanted to see the girls, and Grant and I were going to go watch a movie on Monday to celebrate our upcoming anniversary. Ansley isn't doing real good with her bottle. She will take an ounce and then scream until she nurses. Instead of the movie, Grant grilled some yummy ribs, and we hooked up the slip n slide and sprinkler and let Addison have fun. We all had great time!