Saturday, February 12, 2011

Disney World- Day 3!

Our original plan was to go to the Animal Kingdom on Wednesday,but, we decided we needed an off day from the parks, so we decided to go to Downtown Disney instead. We ate lunch at the T-REX cafe which was pretty good. The highlight of the day was Add getting a large Mickey cookie and making a bracelet at a souvenir shop, and I got Christmas ornaments in this HUGE Christmas Ornament shop!

Addison with her cookie!

Grant and I decided to have a date night in Disney World. We are so thankful to my mom for going with us, and helping so much with the girls. We got back to the hotel and Grant got ready and went on to Epcot. Mom and I fed the girls, gave them baths, and I got Ansley to sleep before heading out to meet Grant. Some of mine and Grant's best memories are from when we went to Paris. Epcot's French Pavilion really brought back the memories! We decided we wanted to go back and eat there. Grant texted me and asked where I was. I told him Canada and he said in France. As I got close to France, I started crossing the bridge and then I saw my handsome husband, leaned against the bridge, with 2 little wine glasses. I know this sounds cheesy, but I really felt like it was out of a movie! We did a little shopping and bought some French perfume, then we went to a fabulous dinner!

We at dinner at the Bistro de Paris. (Click on name for details)
At dinner, Grant gave me my Christmas present- a pair of diamond hoop earrings! They are gorgeous! It was an awesome night! Once again, we lucked into a window seat and got to watch the fireworks from our table. The meal was fantastic!
We enjoyed looking at the Christmas lights! This tree was huge!

Disney World- Day 2- Epcot

On day 2, we got another late start since we were out late the night before. It still was chilly-in the 30s and 40s, so Mom and Ansley stayed in the room. The three of us jumped on the monorail and headed to Epcot!

We got to see Daisy right of the bat, and we had heard that she is hard to find!

We walked around and we knew that the rides here were going to be packed. You have to plan rides...The thing is that the more popular rides give out so many fast passes, you may get a fast pass for 4 hours later, and you can't hold another pass until your time is up on that one! So we chose to get a fast pass for Soarin (fast pass was for late afternoon!) and then we stood in line to ride Test Track. It was neat! After that we went to The Seas with Nemo and friends and Turtle Talk with Crush. (My picts are a little out of order!) We then headed to the World Showcase. Grant and I really enjoyed this. Addison was OK when we were seeing the characters, but there aren't really rides there. Each country has a few buildings, and the people that work in each village are from that country. You can shop, eat, and sight see just like you are visiting other countries! It was cool! We had really good Mexican food for lunch!

In France, Addison had her picture taken in front of the Eiffel Tower.

Here is a picture from the Nemo pavilion!

In each country, there were storytellers. Here we were in Germany and Addison was listening to a story about a Nutcracker. When they opened their eyes there was a life sized nutcracker there. Grant was thirsty in Germany! :)

While Addison was listening to the story, Grant continued to walk around a little. He text me and said "you've got to see this!" We finished the story and met up with Grant. There was an incredible chocolate shop! Grant got a S'mores apple, Addison a chocolate strawberry, and I got fudge!

After walking around the World Showcase, we headed back to Future World. We went to the Land Pavilion and watched the Circle of Life. We then got to ride Soarin which was pretty cool. Addison really liked it! We were cutting it close to our dinner reservations so I took off to the hotel to get mom and Ansley. Grant and Addison did a few more things. Mom and I were running late, so Grant and Addison went on to Akershus where we were having dinner. They wouldn't seat them until the entire party arrived. We were REALLY LATE! We missed our reservation, but they let us wait until the next seating. I am so glad we were able to eat there! The food was good, and it was laid back. The princesses did a parade around the restaurant with the children. It was cute!
Belle was the main princess here that you got your picture made with and they give you a copy!
Addison's Mickey pasta!
The princesses! Funny story- one of the princesses said, "It is so nice to meet you." And Addison replied, "you've already met me- remember last night at the castle!" Without missing a beat the princess responded, "Oh yes, but of course you are wearing something different and I didn't recognize you!" Nice save!

My poor Addison was exhausted! She laid out on the Monorail!

Ansley held up really well!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Disney World- Day 1!

Well, I am finally blogging Disney World! I've given up on trying to completely catch up, so I thought I would start here! We were suppose to fly out early on the Dec 12th, fly to Chicago, and then to Orlando. We got a call early Saturday afternoon saying our flight was cancelled. We expected this because of the weather. Grant was on the phone with the airline and finally got us new flights. We didn't leave Little Rock until much later than planned, but we were so thankful that we found out about the flight the day before instead of being stuck at the airport! After multiple stops, we arrived in Orlando around 9:00 their time. After the "Magic" transportation, setting up the room, and waiting on bags, the girls were asleep around midnight, Grant shortly after, Mom next, then me about 2:00am! Needless to say, we didn't make it to our 8:00 breakfast reservations at Crystal Palace. We got a late start, but we were so excited!

We were very pleased with our hotel- The Contemporary Resort! The monorail went right through the hotel, so it was easy for us to go to The Magic Kingdom, and Epcot! Our room was in another building, but it was still very convenient! Here Addison and Grant were anxiously awaiting the Monorail. We were headed to the Magic Kingdom! It was absolutely freezing there. Mom and Ansley stayed in the room. It worked out great! Ansley ended up eating a lot though the night, so she slept most of the day. I was able to leave enough milk to get her through most of the day. She was also on baby food, so that helped, too!

"LOOK! It's Cinderella's Castle!"

We waited few minutes to watch a show, but the show was cancelled. Instead the characters came out to see us. We lucked out and were standing right where the line began!

We got a fast past for Buzz Light Year ride and went and got lunch. We then rode the ride which was awesome! Grant went and got fast passes for space mountain while Add and I waited in line to see Chip and Dale. They were a lot of fun! I left out the picture, but a talking trash can arrived. It laughed and joked with Grant. After finding out we were from Arkansas, it started saying "WoooooPiggggSooooie!"

We then rode the tea cups, back to Space Mountain, then headed to Mickey and Minnie's houses. We then went to the judge's tent to meet Mickie and Minnie...again!

Grant and Addison went to ride the Speedway while I went to get fast passes for Winnie the Pooh. I saw Tigger and Pooh so after I got the passes, which were away from the ride in a weird spot, so I got in line to wait for Grant and Add. She loved meeting the characters and getting their autographs!

We then rode Dumbo, went and got Hot chocolate and went to ride the Pooh ride. It was closed! UGH! By this time, it was getting late so I went back to the room to feed Ansley. Grant and Addison rode the Haunted Mansion, which scared my poor baby, then headed back to the hotel. We quickly changed Addison into her dress, and rushed to dinner at Cinderella's Royal Table.
Addison was so excited to meet Cinderella! It was so cold that night! We had to layer clothes! Poor Ansley looks rough! It was cold and I had a hat on her. It didn't really help her crazy hair! Oh well, in about 4 years we will take her back and she can get all dolled up for the castle dinner!
Addison drilled the princesses! She asked about the glass slipper, Prince Charming, etc! It was cute!

Then at dinner, Addison was "soooo excited" to see the other princesses!
Snow White!
Sleeping Beauty!
A kiss from the Mermaid!
Belle! Addison was a little disappointed that Belle had on her town dress and not her pretty dress! Ansley loved the princesses, too!

We had a window seat and got to watch the fireworks!
Addison's dessert...a decorate your own cupcake!
We had fun, but it was an exhausting first day!