Friday, May 31, 2013

They said, I do!

My cousin Allison got married on may 18th. Addison was a flower girl, and was so excited! Mom and I left on Friday morning and drove to Waco. Grant and dad planned on coming, but Grant had work stuff come up and couldn't make it.
The wedding was beautiful, and Allison was a beautiful bride! The reception was fun! The girls anxiously waited for the 1st dances to be done so they could boogy!

Addison is such a great big sister! She read to Ansley at nap time while we were gone!


Addison didn't take dance this year, but she and I went to the recital at Robinson. It was a great show! Afterwards, we decided to get dessert at Ashley's at the Capital Hotel. She loved being in a fancy place!

Local Lime opened and we decided to meet there one week night. Addison took a picture of herself in a mirror. She then proceeded to get deathly ill for 15 minutes. She spent some time in the bathroom, and then felt fine to eat dinner! So goes the drama of girls! Addison rode home with Grant, and Ansley decided she wanted me to take pictures of her!

Final April Days

April ended with caterpillars, pigtails, my birthday, and Disney on Ice!
Addison and Ansley loved looking for caterpillars! I couldn't believe how they both let the caterpillars crawl all over them!
Ansley told me one day, she wanted her hair like 'this' and she pulled up hair on each side! so cute!
Grant was on a work trip and got home late on my birthday. The girls and I got pizza and had a carpet picnic for my birthday dinner! It was perfect.
We had a blast at Disney on Ice on April 27! Ansley really got into seeing the princesses and of course, they loved the sugary treats there!