Wednesday, July 27, 2011

No More Clowning Around!

Addison on her first day of preschool. September 2009.
The first meeting with Mr. Jolly the Clown!
Addison on her first day of preschool as a 4 year old in September 2010

And the picture with Mr. Jolly!

And now, the clown is on the cake! Addison's last day of preschool was held at Party Central on May 19, 2011!

She received a diploma!

And here is my big girl on her last day of Jolly Time!

We LOVED Ms. Liz and Ms. Karen! Addison loved Jolly Time, and learned so much!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ansley's Party Pictures

For Ansley's first birthday, we just had her party at home. We invited family, and then Addison's 2 sweet, precious, friends, and their mother. Ansley enjoyed her day! I can't believe she is one year old! Where did the past year go! So at 1 year of age, Ansley was still a little, petite girl. At her 12 month appointment she weighed less than 20 lbs! She wasn't walking yet, and still scooting on her bottom! She was down to 2 nursing sessions, morning and night, with whole milk from a cup during the day. We started whole milk just a couple of days before her birthday. She was saying mommy and daddy, and using some baby signs. She was sleeping through the night, most of the time. She was putting herself to sleep at night, while sucking on her fingers, but still woke up one time most nights, but would go back to sleep after being comforted by her mommy!

I loved her birthday outfit! I bought it off of Etsy, and had someone make her bow to match. Of course, it was just starting to get hard keeping bows in her hair.

Oh how I love this precious, baby girl!
Ansley and Luke were just starting to interact. They played side by side with some toys!

Here are some of the guests fixing plates and visiting!
After eating, we opened presents. Ansley actually stayed with me, and "helped."

Here is G-Dad and Luke. I thought this was such a cute picture!
Little Miss liked her babies that she got!

After presents, we got ready for the birthday song, and cake...

Happy Birthday Ansley!

She looks interested in the cake!

No thanks, mom. Think I will pass on the cake!

OK, its my birthday! I guess I'll try it!


Not impressed!

After cake, or lack of for Ansley, several people went outside. We took some more snap shots!
Grammy, G-Dad and Ansley
Nana, Daddy Dick, and the girls

Overall, I think she enjoyed her day!