Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Road Trip!

This past weekend, Addison and I went with my parents and Kane to Monroe, LA for my mom's side family reunion. We went in my dad's truck, but mom sat in the back with the kiddos and I finished the last book in the Twilight series!
Addison and Kane did really well on the 3 1/2 hour trip! We stopped in Prescott to leave my car at Grant's grandparents house and didn't stop again until we got to the Hotel!

I decided to stay in on Friday night with Addison and Kane and just order a pizza. I took fresh veges and mom brought homemade ranch dressing from Uncle Buddy's Restaurant so we had a great meal!

Addison had fun playing hide-n-seek with my Aunt Susan!

Dad enjoyed this time with his grand kids. This was the first time Kane had been on a trip without his parents and he did great! He did try to trick his mom on Friday night and told her to come get him. I had a hard time convincing Anna that he really was fine and was having a great time. There was an indoor and outdoor pool, pool tables, shuffle board, and an arcade.

Kane wasn't into Addison's version of Ping Pong but he tried to play her way some! I was so proud of myself for remembering to take my battery charger for my camera! Sure enough, on Saturday my battery went dead! I got out the charger only to realize it was the wrong one! UGH! I missed some other good shots! We had a good time and were glad we went! I hadn't seen some of the family in at least 5 years so it was nice to catch up! We were ready to get home and see Daddy though!

Day in the Life of a 3 year old!

On Addison's Birthday, I took off work so I could spend the day with her. She decided she wanted to go to Magic Springs to celebrate. Anna and Kane met us there, and we had a blast. I thought I would share what you are up to my big girl now that you are 3!
You love to have your picture made. We took this before we left for Magic Springs. You can dress and undress yourself with occasional help. You are doing a pretty good job putting your shoes on right, but still need reminders! You definitely have an opinion on what you wear. You prefer dresses that twirl!

You have pretty much given up your nap- except when we are going to Magic Springs and you fall to sleep about 5 minutes b/f we get there! You sleep good at night, but sometimes wake up and come in our bedroom, and sometimes you have night terrors. These were real bad when you first stopped napping. I read that night terrors are worse when you are over tired. Thank goodness this is better! You average 10 1/2 hours of sleep at night, but sometimes will sleep up to 12! You are usually asleep by 8 and will wake around 6:30.

You love hats and bows and will pick out bows that match your outfit. You are really into things matching. You are even particular about what shoes you wear! They have to match! You like all things girly! Pretty dresses, jewelry and make up! You are good about waiting your turn and sharing. You are pretty patient, even for a 3 year old. You like watching others, so standing in line isn't a big deal for you!

You love being with your family. You adore Kane! He is so good with you, but has to be reminded that I am your mommy and he doesn't have to watch your every move! You have enjoyed having your grandmothers here with you each week, and will miss that time with them I'm sure! You like to talk to your family on the phone and you can really tell them about your day now! You took swimming lessons this summer, and now you love to swim! You like to go under the water, will stay longer than I want you to sometimes! You love the slides at Magic Springs, and love to go night-night in the water (floating on your back)!

You are still a good eater! You will eat pretty much whatever I cook! You love your vegetables and fruit! You love ranch dressing, which helps the vegetables taste even better! Your favorite foods are probably strawberry pop tarts, chicken nuggets, grapes, any vege as long as you can "dip" it, and ice cream.
You are talking sooo much and you have started making up stories...
Hey mom, the oder day I was running and I fell down and a biraffe (giraffe) put me in his mouth and then he swallow me and then he pooped me out and then he pooped on me!
You have hit the "WHY?" stage!!!
You love to watch Dora, The Little Einsteins, and your favorite movie is The Little Mermaid. You love books and puzzles. You love to sing and right now we sing In the Bulb (Hymn of Promise) every night at bedtime.
You are a very sweet and loving little girl! You are such a joy and make me and your daddy smile daily!

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mermaid Birthday Party!

Addison's 3rd Birthday Party
Little Mermaid Theme

We had Addison's birthday party at our house. She was so excited! This was the first year that she began to understand what a birthday party was, and she couldn't wait to open presents! I bought her this Mermaid costume several months ago and we gave it to her before the party. I let her change into it after the water play! Addison has started squishing up her face when she is cheesing for a picture!

Mommy's Little Mermaid!

Since it was going to be hot, we had the children wear their swimsuits and we had a slip-n-slide, water table, fishing game in large container of water, and a sprinkler to help keep them cool. There was also a starfish ring toss, sandbox, and the playground (as Addison calls her swing set) to keep them busy as well. We stayed outside about an hour then came inside. Some of the children changed clothes. We then had sugar cookies for them to decorate. Addison and I had made the cookies and then my mother-in-law iced them for us. There were seahorses, seashells, fish, and starfish shaped cookies. I think the kiddos really enjoyed this! We then cut the cake and sang happy birthday. We had hot dogs, goldfish crackers, cheese cubes, blueberries, chips, strawberries, and some dips. I had managed to misplace my camera so I didn't get a picture of the food. (these picts are from my MIL) I wish I had b/c I had really cute serving pieces: crab plate, seashell bowl, etc. For party favors, we gave a pair of sunglasses, a Mermaid stencil, and a fish ring pop wrapped in a blue cellophane bag placed inside a sand pail with a shovel.

Addison and her friend Ethan on the slip-n-slide!

Children playing!

Decorating the cookies! I bought green and pink shot glasses from the Dollar Tree and poured different toppings in them. They were the perfect size!

The cake table!

The cake! Addison said the cake was her favorite part of the party! My friend Bethany made the cake and did an awesome job!

Friday, July 10, 2009


Last Wednesday, July 8th, I took off work and Addison and I went to see Dora! She was very excited about seeing her!

I even broke down and bought Backpack! This was the first time we had been to something like this and Addison wanted a souvenir!

After Dora, we went to her her Kids Day Out class and had a Dora Birthday party! This is the last time she will be with these children, because she is starting the daycare at the church after her birthday. She is really going to miss Ms. Amanda and Ms. Ellie. She will also miss Ms. Janice who watched her before and after KDO and at her house 1-2 days a week.

Here are her KDO friends. Some of her closest friends aren't coming to KDO this summer, but will be in preschool with her this fall. This was a great day!