Tuesday, September 30, 2008

You've come a long way baby! Especially this month

I intended this post to be about the house, but I had to post this picture! She loves her babies! And no, none of the babies have on clothes-go figure!

Guess I should've gone in reverse order, but I wanted to show how the house has progressed. This was taken of the great room 9/26. I am so proud of the hearth. I found a picture I liked and our wonderful framers built it! Grant and I like different and custom things!
Roof on, windows in and framing complete! Taken 9/12.
Framing begins..8/28. Our framers were incredible to watch. Of course, we couldn't understand them, but they worked so well together and worked fast which we really liked!
This is the safe room/Grant's closet. Thanks to my friend Kristi who suggested this. They are expensive to build, but you will do whatever to protect your baby! We followed FEMA specifications so hopefully we will get some money back on it.
Foundation poured finally and the rebar (not sure how to spell that) was drilled into place where the safe room would be built. This was taken on 8/26. Please note the framing progress 2 days later.

So it has come along way in the past month! We are proud of the progress!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

I made a decision!

OK good! No comments yet. I made up my mind and don't want to be influenced again. I went to several open houses today, and I am going to stick with my original plan. I know you readers don't really care, but thanks for "listening" to me!

My dilemma

I really think I obsess about things too much. My current dilemma is a perfect example. I have to make a decision on our lighting soon! I had lighting for the kitchen picked out, but then I began over analyzing. So, I need opinions please! We are using a medium to dark cherry stain on the cabinets, a black stain on the island, stainless steel appliances, and black hardware (to pull the black stain from the island). We are using the oil rubbed bronzed hardware throughout the rest of the house (door knobs, plumbing, and light fixtures) The lighting for the kitchen I picked out has the oil rubbed bronze finish. So is this going to clash with the stainless? I don't think I want to go with a nickel finish, but I can't really find a black finish either that doesn't look like it belongs in farm house! The kitchen will have light over the island and 3 mini pendents over the bar. Please give me your opinion!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Addison's Pictures

I laughed with my sister today. I said I couldn't believe my 1st post had a picture of Addison in a T-shirt. She really isn't a T-shirt girl at all! If you ask her what she wants to wear she will answer, "A DRESS!" So I had to post some pics of Addison dressed more like she normally does! The 1st 2 pics are from our vacation in San Antonio this summer. She loves the fish flops she has on in the 1st one. The 3rd pict is at my mom's house and the last at the new house. My girly girl likes the dirt...but when she is done, she wants to quickly wash her hands!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Really going to do this!!

OK. So I have had this blog since September '07 and never actually posted! I am really going to do this now! I frequent other blogs and love getting updates on dear friends so I want to share our life, too.

We are really busy right now! We are building a new house! Grant is doing the contracting himself, so right now my husband is also my builder! It is working out well, and we are enjoying the process. We have had some ups and downs, but overall it has been a good experience so far. We had a nasty, mean, sorry person break in and cut some wire. Having to buy wire to replace it was bad, but the worse part was Grant had worked so hard on wiring the house. He really took it personally. They got it redone, but we are now paranoid! The sheetrock finishing should be done next week, and then we will start the trim work. Our cabinets are being built and should be ready in about 4 weeks. We are getting quotes on painting and the outside trim siding is starting today. So much to keep up with!

Addison is growing and is so much fun right now! She loves going to the lot and getting very dirty! We go out there so much and run errands for the house constantly! This morning I decided for us to do something fun before we ever left the house. We decorated a pumpkin! I had read this idea in a magazine and decided to try it. We cut out body parts from a magazine and glued them to the pumpkin. We had picked up leaves yesterday at the park and used those for hair. It was fun and she had a ball making it!