Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Nutcracker

Addison and I went to see The Nutcracker at Robinson on Sunday. We enjoyed it, but were tired and hungry at the end!


We had a great Thanksgiving Day! The girls spent Wednesday night with the Goldens so we were ready to see them at Pawpaw and Joy's in Prescott. We stayed there a while and then headed to Murfreesboro. We got to spend time with my cousins and aunt and uncle. We missed the Floyd's and O'Neal's! The kids even got in the hot tub! We stayed there for a while then Grant, Anna and I headed back to Benton. Anna and I went shopping Thursday night. We had fun! It's our new tradition!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Gobble Gobble

We made turkey cookies last night. Add saw a new design in a magazine while at Hastings with her Daddy. She took a picture and we got the ingredients on Monday. They turned out cute and the girls gobbled them up!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Night in the Boro

We went to Murfreesboro this past weekend. The girls had a blast! I enjoyed seeing my parents, sister, aunt and cousins! I'm truly blessed to be so close to my family! I want my girls to be close to their cousins Kane and Luke!
Interesting fact- on my mom's side we were born boy/girl- all 7 of us! (Chris, Anna, Brad, me, Ben, Sara, Nathan. ) we got to meet Nathan's girlfriend who was super sweet and cute! Sara came by and we got to see her growing belly!
Kane went hunting with Dad and killed a deer!
We were having too much fun to take pictures but I got a few!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Go Vote!

Saturday my friend Heather and I went to Glitz and Garland here in Benton. Since our kiddos were well taken care of we decided to stretch our time and grab a quick bite. As we rounded the courthouse we noticed the voting office was open. We were pretty excited to get to take care of this! We were in and out in no time! I'm glad to be blessed with a friend that I can shop with, run with, leave my girls with, and take time during a girl's day to go vote!

Saturday, November 3, 2012


Halloween was fun this year! Some coworkers and I dressed as a running team. It was nice to be comfy all day! Ansley had a party at school that was neat. They ate and painted a pumpkin. Halloween night we took our 2 Pocahontases to Sonic and then trick or treating. Grant was driving and following us. He kept getting further and further ahead of us and then we couldn't see him. I jokingly said he must be following the wrong family! Well, he was! We eventually got back together and came home. We ate some candy and the girls opened their treats from mom and from us. Add got an Indian outfit for Elizabeth, her doll, to match her costume! Ansley had a blast. She keeps asking to go trick or treating again!

50s Day at School

Addison's school celebrated the 50th day of school with a 50s day! Mom fixed Add up with a poodle skirt! She was so excited! I was asked to send cokes for coke floats. Add loved them! She hasn't had coke very many times! They seemed to enjoy the day!

Chicago- yes please!

Grant had a business trip to Chicago this past weekend so I decided to tag along! We flew out Saturday. We ate pizza for lunch and then had dessert for dinner- the 2 plates are both mine! I shopped on Sunday while Grant worked. We ate a nice dinner at Hugos Frog Bar and Fish House on Sunday night and then I flew home Monday morning, and Grant came home Tuesday. It was a quick trip but we had fun! I did a little Christmas shopping at The American Girl store!