Saturday, May 7, 2011

Ansley's First Birthday- Cookies and Milk Decor

We celebrated Ms. Ansley Sue's 1st Birthday a couple of weeks a go! I had so much fun planning her party! After looking at several blogs, I decided to do a milk and cookie theme. I love polka dots, and thought I could incorporate them into a pink and brown color scheme.

I made the cupcake toppers (with Mom's help). I got the printables from here, and the cupcake liners (and lanterns, balloons, and plates) from polka dot market. I LOVE Polka Dot Market! It is a store that just makes me happy! I made the cupcakes- chocolate chip cookie dough stuffed, with butter cream icing. I was pleased with how they turned out!

I had Ansley's cake made here in town, and the "1" cookies to match.

I planned on placing the milk bottles all nice and neat, but as I was running out of time getting things ready, I asked Grant to put them in. They turned out so cute! We had strawberry, chocolate, and 2% milk. I got the labels from here, and printed them on sticker paper. I used the cupcake toppers, cut in small circles, on the top of the bottles. My friend Laura drank all the Starbucks, and gave me the bottles! Thanks sooooo much!

Plates from Polka Dot Market!

Thank you sacks for goody bags...fill your sack with cookies!

I lined the cookie jars with scrapbook paper, and then put tissue paper inside. We had Oreos, chocolate chip cookies, no bake cookies, and the 1 sugar cookies.

The birthday girl's high chair was surrounded by balloons from Polka Dot Market. I made the "I am 1!" banner behind her chair. My friend Tara cut out the letters, and I made the rest.

The lamp came from Ansley's room. The picture holder is a canvas made by friends (All for Fun Designs), and is actually a bow holder from Ansley's room.
"Happy Birthday Ansley" banner!
We had a great day celebrating Ansley's 1st birthday! Next post- pictures of the birthday girl!

Disney Day 6

So 5 months later, I finally finish Disney World! The last morning we woke up to cloudy skies! We had everything pretty much packed so mom, the girls and I went back to the Magic Kingdom to ride a few rides we still had not been on- Small World, Peter Pan... It started pouring down rain on us! We bought Addison a poncho and then just ran from ride to ride. We still had fun and there was NO wait time! We headed back to the resort, and then on the airport. We were so glad we took pictures on our way to the Magic Kingdom...My girls on the final day...

Friday, May 6, 2011

Disney Day 5

Friday was suppose to be our no plan day, but since we kinda took that on Wednesday, we went to the Animal Kingdom instead. We had breakfast reservations at Chef Mickey's. This was one of our favorite character meals! The characters spent a lot of time at each table, and the food was great!

So 2 of my favorite things are dressing my girls alike, and shopping at Gymboree! I bought the shirts the girls are wearing late in the summer for them to wear to the Animal Kingdom! I thought they were too cute! They both had giraffes on them.

We didn't take a lot of pictures at the Animal kingdom, but we had a fun day! The Christmas tree out front was neat- the decorations were all animal themed.

We watched the Lion King show...
We were getting ready to leave, and I asked about where we could find Pocahontas. She was at another section of the park where you had to ride a train to get there. We couldn't miss the chance so I strapped Ansley in the Moby Wrap, and away we all went. It was worth it! Addison was so excited to meet Pocahontas!

We were pretty pooped when we got back to the resort. We did a little packing, and then Grant and I took a cab into town, did a little outlet mall shopping, and went to eat at Charlie's- an awesome steakhouse.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Disney Day 4

On day 4, Grant, Addison and I went to Hollywood Studios. Mom and Ansley decided they would sit this one out, too. We arrived at HS and got a Fastpass for the Rock "n" Rollercoaster and then we were lucky and were able to get on Tower of Terror with very little wait! Addison loved it, and told us for days that it was her favorite ride!

We had lunch reservations at Holly Vine and Dine. This was a good buffet lunch and we got to see some of Addison's favorite characters....The Little Einsteins!

Addison and June!

Twins! Ha! Leo liked Grant and thought with the hair and glasses they made a good pair!

Handy Manny!

Addison on a slide at the Honey I Shrank the Kids playground. This was neat, but Grant and I didn't really like how the kids could get out of sight so easily! We didn't stay there long.

Thursday night, we had tickets to Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party. It was still a tittle cool at night, so we bundled up and headed back to the Magic Kingdom. We got to ride some rides that we hadn't yet. We watched the Christmas parade, and then left mom and Ansley at the restaurant and rode a few more rides. It then "snowed" on Main Street. It was magical!!!

Cinderella's Castle lit up! It was beautiful!

Mom and the girls!