Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Valentines

Happy Valentine's Day! We've had a great time celebrating today! We actually started last night with me giving Grant and the girls their surprises and Grant coming home with a rose for all 3 of us!
I helped do Addison's party and I think it went well! She said she had fun! Ansley had a good little party at her school, too! I am so happy with both girls' schools.
We had fun doing Valentines this year. Addison gave pop rocks with a label they said 'you rock valentine.' Ansley gave Teddy Grahams that said 'bear hugs!' Both turned out cute! We gave each of their teachers a cup filled with candy.
I got a persona bracelet from Grant and the girls! I'm so excited! I look forward to filling it with meaningful beads. Grant picked a pink swirl bead for the first because 'it was pretty.' 😊
Holidays are so fun with the girls. My heart explodes with love for them. I've thought a lot of God's love this week, too. We had a wonderful Sunday School lesson on Valentine's day that involved relating conversation heart messages to the Bible. It was a great reminder of God's love, True love, unconditional love!

Sunday, February 10, 2013


Friday, February 1, 2013

Tell Me the Story...

Addison has been asking me to tell her the story of when she was born for a few years.  Every once in a while she will ask to hear it.  Well, the other night when I was lying down with Ansley, she said, "mom, tell me story when I was in your tummy!"  Precious!  I love telling her the story.  She also loves to look at our blog and see when she "was a baby and was borned'.  I am so thankful to have this blog to look back and see pictures and remember stories.  The days are passing by so fast.  I cherish our memories and look forward to making new ones.