Saturday, September 22, 2012

Thursday Dates

I am really enjoying my Thursdays with my little Ans! We do a little shopping, cleaning, zoo visiting, and just hanging out! She's my sweet baby, growing too fast!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Pigs and Park

We were ready for football this weekend! We bought a Razorback cupcake cake on Friday. We grilled chicken and the girls had fun playing outside.
We went to Fayetteville Saturday for the game. I watched maybe 2 minutes and spent the rest of the time in the back with the girls! We ate before the game at our usual place- Hog Haus. Grant and I love their Moldy Fungus burgers- blue cheese burgers!
Today we didn't make it to church. Ans slept well coming home, but Add cried off and on. She doesn't remember tho. It's just hard for her to get comfortable in the car. We let them sleep late this morning and we enjoyed it too! We went to LR, stopped by Fresh Market, and had a picnic at Pinacle Mtn. We are now heading home with naps on the agenda for the afternoon.
We have plans to get Ansley's big girl bed up sometime!