Wednesday, April 14, 2010

37th Week Appointment

I had a dr.'s appointment today. I am 37 weeks 4 days. I have officially been pregnant now 4 days longer than with Addison! Everything was good, and I had not really changed much from last week. I told Dr. B I was hoping for a little change, and his nurse asked for a specific number. I told them I didn't care, just a little change! So he said I was now 2.2 cm! He is such a mess! So a little progress, but looks like Ansley is going to grow a little more before making her arrival. Now that we are past the 37th week mark, we are a little less anxious and are glad she is growing and everything is healthy. We will schedule an induction when I go in next Tuesday morning. Dr. B is having surgery this Friday, so I really hope she doesn't decide to come this weekend while he is out of commission! He is the dr. on call the next weekend! I am going to see if he will induce next Friday since he will be on call, and I will be 39 weeks on Saturday. I am assuming he won't, since they don't like to induce before the 39th week, but I will see! I decided my last work day will be next Wednesday! I think I will take next Thursday for a little me time! I don't want to take time away from Addison's and my Fridays, so I thought on Thursday I could take her to school, her preschool day, and go get a mani and pedi, and still pick her up early! I can't wait!


Katie said...

I BEGGED and PLEADED with Dr B to induce me at 39 1/2 weeks....nope!! It all worked out for the best because I went into labor on my own right at 40 weeks!

Cant wait to see pics of your sweet little angel!!!

Gina said...

Don't think he will induce with the first, but he was the one that brought up induction with this one. Especially since I am dilating! We will see!