Monday, April 19, 2010

The Perfect Date

So my friend Tanya just posted about her idea of the perfect date. She was joining Amanda's party for Friend Makin Monday. I thought since I am about to pop, this would be fun to think/dream about! I decided to dream BIG!

So, my idea of a perfect date would involve traveling! Grant and I LOVE to travel, and since our traveling has changed from going to Paris to planning a trip to Disney, a perfect date would involve somewhere not too kid friendly. So the date would start with us giving Addison and Ansley (of course I couldn't go anywhere further than 30 minutes from Baptist hospital at this point, so pretend Ansley is here, and probably a year old, since we won't be able to leave her before then!) lots of hugs and kisses and probably putting them in their car seats either with my mom or Grant's mom because I'm psycho when it comes to car seat safety! HA! We would send them on their way and then we would drive to the airport. We would board a flight to...Vegas! Now Grant and I don't gamble, but we went to Vegas before Addison and loved the architecture and the dining! We would arrive in Vegas and check in at maybe the Bellagio. We would spend the day at the spa getting massages, pedicures, manicures, and maybe me a facial. We would then get dressed, me in a "little" (yes, I can dream one day I will be back in a little cocktail dress :)) black dress, and Grant in dress pants, for dinner at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant. We would sit at a window table overlooking the fountains. After dinner, we would go to some Cirque Du Soleil show. When we got back to our hotel room, there would be a dozen roses on the table with various chocolate desserts and maybe some champagne, since we obviously would be celebrating something big to get this perfect date!