Sunday, November 30, 2008

Getting Close to Move In!

We plan on having the appraisal done tomorrow, Monday, and closing by the end of the week. The only things left are the glass for the kitchen cabinet doors, mirrors in the Master bath, and the shower door for the master bath. Here are some of the picts:

Master shower- I am so proud with how this turned out.

Master bedroom

Addison's side of the jack-n-jill bath

The cook top

The kid's nook in the entry from the garage
We cooked dinner out at the house tonight. It was fun. I decorated the Christmas tree, with Addison's help! Talk about giving up some control! There are a few ornaments just stuck in the tree! We have moved some stuff out there already and are so ready to be out there permanently!

Thanksgiving Day

We had a great Thanksgiving. We are very fortunate to live only a short driving distance away from our family, but it makes holidays a little crazy. We had 3 Thanksgivings to go to. We started out going to Prescott to see Paw Paw and Joy. I didn't take any picts but Gi did so I need to get them from her. We visited with them a couple of hours then headed to Murfreesboro. Addison fell asleep on our way, and against every ones' wishes, we let her sleep in the car for a little while once we got there. Even my dad was knocking on the window saying, "Wake up. Daddy Dick is here!" She finally woke up and we had a good time with my mom's family. We took this pict in my mom and dad's yard.

After staying at their house for a while we went to my Aunt Margaret and Uncle Tom's to celebrate the day with my dad's family. My Granny Sue was there and she and Addison had a good time walking around looking at the cows and horses. Addison didn't want to go inside and she "talked" her daddy into going outside with her. I love this shot!

Addison was excited when her Daddy Dick arrived!

It was a long day and Addison decided she wanted to go to sleep in the chair. "Just kidding"- she's awake!

But once we got on the road, she didn't last long. She slept all the way home and didn't even wake up when I put her to bed. It was a long day, but we enjoyed seeing our families!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

My Little Picasso

Today Addison and I went to Hot Springs to meet Anna and Kane. Anna has been wanting us to go to Picasso's Cupboard for a while, and we finally were able to. We had so much fun. Addison loves to draw, color, and paint, so this was right up her alley! We then went and ate, and attempted to watch Madigascar-2. We made it for about an hour, then it was too close to nap time!

She picked out this stocking ornament. I thought this could be a new tradition. Each year she can paint an ornament for her Christmas Tree.

Addison and Kane both did a project with their hand print. I have been wanting to get a "Special Day" plate. My Granny Sue has one and I've always thought they were neat. We made our own today. Addison's hand print is in the middle, and I attempted to paint the outside edge. I am having "My Special Day" written across the top and "Addison" at the bottom. They bake the pottery and the colors look so vibrant. I can't wait to see it!

My Special Day plate!

This is what we don't want! We were at the house the other day and Addison started say "look mommy-I make ovals" There are lots of ovals on my new freshly painted wall. BUT she DREW OVALS! I AM PROUD OF HER!

House Update

I have been putting off posting pictures of the house because something new is always happening. I just kept thinking I'll post when they get that done, or this done. Well, I went ahead and took pictures Monday, and they are already outdated! We now have the hardwoods in, the tile is grouted, the granite is in, the island is in the right place and the light has been hung above it, and the sod is in.
This week we plan to get carpet installed on Monday, the bathroom marble and granite installed, the backsplash finished in the kitchen, the fireplace done, and mirrors/glass/shower doors measured and ordered.
Grant is getting close to being done with his part. I really think electricians have the most work to do on a house! It is all the busy work that takes sooo much time-outlets, outlet covers, cable boxes, phone jacks, all the lighting fixtures, etc. etc. etc. Grant has spent soo much time at this house. I am soo proud of all he has done! I do have a new found respect for single moms b/c that is what I have felt like at times through this! It will all be worth it and we are on the down hill side!!! We are expecting to move in the first week of December! YEAH!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Grant's Form of Discipline

2-year old tantrums-WOW! I will say Addison in general is a really good child. She is sweet natured and for the most part very well behaved. She normally responds well to re-directions or 1,2,3, go in order to cooperate. Well, she has had a stuffy, runny nose this week, and she didn't act like she felt great today. She had a later nap and then we went out to eat with Aunt Gigi and "Shug". Grant, of course, needed something from Lowe's so we ran by there. We walked in the store and Grant grabbed a buggy. We usually get a "bus" as Addison calls them (the blue race car buggies). Addison insisted on the "bus", but Grant tried to put her in the buggy. SHE TURNED INTO A DIFFERENT CHILD! I have never seen her legs kick so fast! Grant was unable to get her in the buggy! So what did her daddy do? LAUGH! Not just a slight snicker, he began to really laugh! I got tickled, too, and then noticed a young guy that worked there was laughing, too. So Grant put her down, I squatted to her level, got a hold of myself, and told her she was going to get in the buggy. I then lifted her up and put her in. Simple!
You think she has her Daddy wrapped?!
I guess we can expect more of these fits down the road, and I'm sure it won't always be as funny. Tonight was just so unexpected and watching Grant truly not know what to do was quite funny. Daddy is going to have to crack down a little and neither of us need to laugh.
Addison still was able to analyze the situation. "Mommy and Daddy laugh. Addison made a bad choice."
Guess we all kinda did!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I Scared!

Yes, we went trick or treating, but I didn't get any better picts than the ones from the boo at the zoo posting. Addison was a cute little lady bug and really enjoyed the candy! We had fun!

Addison has recently started saying she was scared lately. "mommy I scared of that boy" "I scared that man" "I scared daddy snoring" and the list goes on. She also signs scared when she says it, although this is a new sign for her. (It is funny how she won't sign for weeks then all of sudden she uses some of the baby signs she used before she was talking) I HIGHLY RECOMMEND USING BABY SIGNS WITH YOUR BABY-IT WORKED GREAT WITH ADDISON. Anyway, we are dealing with this scared period.
Last night it was me who said "I scared!" We are staying so busy with our normal lives plus the house that we forgot to buy dog food. I told Grant I had something I could feed Gunner and we could get food later. So when I finally got in bed last night, I realized I hadn't fed Gunner. I got up and fixed him a plate of left over pork chops. I went to the door and called him...and called him...and called him. I went to tell Grant but he was already asleep. I put on flip flops, grabbed a flashlight and went outside. I was trying to think how I would explain Gunner's absence to Addison. I looked in his doghouse, under the shed (on all fours!) and finally walked around. I saw him in the corner of the yard in a ball. He finally turned and acknowledged me. Gunner is now 8 years old. I guess he is loosing his hearing!
This really scared me!
I felt guilty because we don't spend near as much time with him as we use to. So tonight I let him in the house and we had a little quality time. I laid a towel down and gave him a treat. He immediately followed my command to get on the blanket. I guess he can still hear some, and I was impressed that he followed that command since it has been sooo long since we've used it. So now I am going to add spending more time with Gunner to my to do list. The life expectancy for Weimerainers is 10-12 years. I want his last few years to be happy! I just wish he could help me pick out hardwoods!