Friday, April 9, 2010

Pregnancy Memories

Just a few memories I don't want to forget:

So here is what I did last weekend. I had two loads of laundry on the couch that needed to be folded, but I had some organizing that HAD to be done. I bought this handy label maker, and I LOVE IT! Here are some pantry shots...

The pictures don't really show it justice. It has always been organized, but just straightening it made me feel better!
I also organized out media/Addison's craft stuff closet. I bought a shoe organizer and put all kinds of things in it! Then of course, I labeled each pocket!

Now, I go through organizing spurts not pregnant so I'm not sure if this was pregnancy induced or not. I also cleaned out and organized the junk drawer- so much better now!
So other pregnancy memories:
I haven't really craved anything crazy, but like with Addison, I have wanted meat! I have to tell this story...During the first trimester, I really wanted meat. It was critical. Grant went to the grocery store one day, and I had planned on cooking beef stroganof for dinner. He got home, but there was no hamburger meat! It was on the receipt, thank God or I would've killed him for forgetting it, but somehow he didn't make it home with it! I CRIED! Yes, I did. I cried over meat. Then I cried because Grant didn't understand! Then yes, several hours later I laughed and realized how silly it was! The next day, Grant came home with the biggest thing of hamburger meat I had ever seen! Bless his heart!
Addison's take on the pregnancy:
"let's play cheerleader! Daddy, you be a boy cheerleader and hold me up!"
Me: "Addison, who can I be?"
"You can be BIG red!"
Me: "Thanks!"
Addison: "Mommy, I never want boobies like yours! They are too big!"
Me: "That is what happens when you have a baby in your belly. That is their way of preparing to feed the baby."
Addison: "But are they going to grow all the way to the sky?"
Grant: Sweetly pats my belly and says, "Aww Big belly!"
Addison: Cuts her eyes towards me and says "Whoa, that IS a BIG BELLY!"
So what are some of your memories of your pregnancy!


Danya said...

LOL! This is such a funny post. "Are they going to grow to the SKY?" Hilarious. And - I craved McDonald's hamburgers the first trimester. I would drive there just for the hamburger at a random time in the day and feel a thousand times better after that!

FrouFrouBritches said...

Big Red? That's HYSTERICAL! Kids are so funny!

I craved something different to drink with all of them - grape soda, lemonade, Dr. Pepper and unsweetened (sp?) tea. I craved tacos and white cheese dip with all of them and milk. Hot dogs with L and peanut butter with E. Weird!

BTW, if you're still feeling the need to organize, you are welcome to bring that label maker over to my house and have at it.