Thursday, October 29, 2009

Scary Moments

Today I had a doctor's appointment. I am 13 weeks, nearing the end of the 1st trimester. I woke up today, happy and excited about hearing the baby's heartbeat. I even posted that on my facebook status. We had several children out sick this week at work, so I was able to leave around noon today and pick Addison up. We headed to LR for some shopping before heading to the appt. They got me quickly back into the room, and we waited patiently. Sheila, my nurse, watched out for Grant and he got there in time to read Addison a book before the doctor came in. I had a list of topics to discuss and Dr. B spent 15 minutes talking to us about various things. Then it was time to listen to the heartbeat. He kept moving the Doppler and we waited...and waited...and waited. Dr. B was patient and occasionally would pat my leg and say, "don't get concerned" as he would pick up on my now racing heartbeat instead of the sweet little sound of a lemon sized miracle. Finally, he said "lets go do an ultrasound." I asked if he would do it, and he said he would be in there with us. It is amazing how in those scary moments your mind races, and how plans can be made and dreams can be broken. Addison asked why I was crying and I couldn't answer. I began thinking that nothing could happen this weekend because I wouldn't ruin Addison's Halloween. I thought my mother is suppose to leave on a cruise and I am going to need her with me. And lastly, I thought this is why my friend Kim has felt led to pray for me and this pregnancy daily. We walked down the hall, with Dr. B patting my shoulder. He was trying to be comforting, but I think he was concerned as well. Sheila saw us and Dr. B told her where we were going. I finally looked at Dr. B and said I expected this at 6 weeks, but not now. Well, he got us straight in for the ultrasound. I looked at Addison's overwhelmed little face as she was in her daddy's arms. I became calm and began comforting her. We are going to look at Mommy's tummy...No it doesn't hurt... Then they began the ultrasound with the screen turned away from me. Shiela even came in to check on us, too. Then those scary moments were filled with relief. Dr. B exclaimed "THERE IS BABY" What a little turkey! Guess this baby just wanted us to see it moving around, kicking happily! Thank God for happy, miraculous moments! I get to go back in 5 weeks, at 18 weeks, and have another ultrasound. I'm thinking this may end up being a stubborn little red head! Oh, the heartbeat was 154 today. That is what Addison's usually was- in the 150s...we will see!

"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born, I set you apart" Jeremiah 1:5

"For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; you works are wonderful...When I was woven together in the depths of the earth, your eyes saw my unformed body. All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be." Psalm 139:13-16

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Prayer to Jesus

Addison has really gotten the hang of praying-well in a 3 year old sort of way. We pray for her sick friends. Last night, Grant was coughing and she wanted to pray for her daddy and Nick a friend from school. So here was the prayer...
"God is Great
God is Good
Let us thank Him
for our food
God help Daddy and Nick to feel better so they can be with their family and play"

Melts your heart, huh?

I even told some people about her sweet prayers today. She even sat on her towel in the shower last night, folded her hands and prayed for two other children in her class that were sick.

And then tonight, well the prayer was a little different. I was saying night time prayers. I always thank God for our blessings, such as "thank you God that we have a house to live in." In her sweet little voice, Addison stopped me at that point and said, "Mommy, ask Jesus to give us some money so I can have a swimming pool." HUMMM! Little change in prayer there. Where did that come from?

Friday, October 16, 2009

Yep, she has been diagnosed!

So, Addison has been running fever since Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. It has been just low grade (99.5) until nighttime and then spikes to 100.5. Last night, her fever got up to 101.8 so I called her Dr.'s office again this morning. They advised to bring her on in. So, sounds crazy, but I was hoping for a bronchitis or even pneumonia diagnosis. Nope, she got the flu diagnosis. I am not convinced this is true. I respect the doctor we saw today, but even he said the CDC was recommending anyone with some of the symptoms be treated like they have the flu. And yes, in case you are wondering, it is probably H1N1. So the recommended treatment...a huge bottle of antibiotics, Tylenol/Motrin for fever, cough meds for nighttime, and Tamiflu. The latter because of me. She is past really benefiting from the Tamiflu, but since I am pregnant and considered "higher" risk, he went ahead and prescribed it. So the actual treatment for the night...various medication pooling on my shirt after it was spit out, a screaming 3 year old trying to be forced to take one more medication, an empty cup of milk in which was finally drank with the antibiotics in it, a bowl full of pudding and Tamiflu mixture that is "nasty" and won't be eaten, a full juice cup with cough meds in it, and a worried, sleepy, guilty feeling mother praying for a good night.

I called medical exchange this afternoon for myself. They prescribed Tamiflu. I haven't taken it yet, and think I will hold out for symptoms. This is a weird feeling. In my pregnancy with Addison I would have completely freaked out and wouldn't allow myself to be around someone that is sick. Now, I am sleeping inches away from a swine flu diagnosed, coughing in my face, 3 year old. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else!

This is one of those times where I am so glad I have a Heavenly Father that I can go to and trust that he is in control of this situation. He loves Addison, me and this baby growing inside of me!

Now I think I will try to get some rest before the next coughing spell. Maybe she will be out of it enough, she will drink some souped up juice! HeHeHe!

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Way to beat Auburn, Hogs!

On Saturday, we went to Fayetteville to watch the game. It was a little cool, but we had fun!

Addison wanted to see Big Red, but we weren't able to find him. She decided she was scared and wouldn't have a picture with him anyway! She did want to have her picture made with the majorette!

Not the best picture of any of us, but here we are cheering on those Hogs!

Grammy and G-Dad

Loving the score!!

Addison thought her Daddy looked pretty silly with Razorback hair!

One tired Lil Razorback!

On Thursday, Addison's preschool class went to the pumpkin patch. It was a nasty, misty, messy day, but fun was had by all.

A hay ride took us over the creek to the pumpkin patch. Addison was soo pumped, can't you tell!!??

Some of her preschool friends

Finding the perfect pumpkin!

The Silky birds and their egg filled nests were quite interesting!

Why won't the goat eat the soggy hay?

Addison was all about petting the animals!

Panning for gold!

The morning ended with a snack, picnic style!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Addison is going to be ...


Most everyone knows this, but I had to make an official blog post! I tried to scan an ultrasound picture, but it didn't turn out very well. I also was going to put Addison in a big sister T-shirt, but I was anxious to get this post up there!

I am 11weeks now, and I am due May 1. Addison was born close to her Daddy's birthday, and this one will be close to my birthday! We are very excited, and Addison is, too. When we told her there was a baby in my belly, her mouth just kept getting wider. She asked me every morning for a couple of days if my baby was here yet! Now she wants to talk to the baby. There have been some pretty sweet things she has said...

  • Hi, Baby! I think the baby likes me!
  • Hi, Baby! Aubrey is my best friend, and you are my best friend, too, baby!
  • Baby, I don't have a TV in my room, but I have toys. I will show you my toys someday.
  • Baby, I love my daddy. You will like him, too.

This pregnancy has been somewhat different from mine with Addison's. I think my symptoms have increased each week, instead of being more in full force at the beginning. I have had more indigestion (never took a Tums with Add!), more coming and going of nausea, and more nausea in the evening. With Addison, I felt nausea more all day. I do feel I am more impatient, but before I didn't have a 3 year old that moved as fast as... well, her slow moving daddy! :) Overall, it hasn't been that bad at all!

I am very excited to be sharing this with my sister-n-law who is 5 weeks ahead of me, and one of my good friends, Lori, who is 7 weeks ahead of me! I can't wait to find out what we are having. As of now, Addison says it is a boy!!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Long Time No See

In May 2002 I graduated from graduate school with a great bunch of girls- and one guy! We had spent 2 long years of our lives studying, goofing off, having parties, throwing wedding showers, taking tests, making fun of professors, and finally taking our finals and Speech Pathology Praxis tests and earning our degrees. Although we were all different, and formed our small groups of close friends, we really bonded as a group! We have done a good job keeping in touch over the years- 7 years to be exact! Although we may go several months, or even years without talking, it is just like old times when we finally get together! Yesterday, Kristina came into town from North Carolina. We were having a wedding shower for our friend Julie, but we had a little play date to let our kiddos see each other! Allison let us come to her house to let them play!

The girls had a picnic lunch. They are all 3. Blake was there also. She is almost 10 months old and had her lunch in the high chair. Lanie (spelling undecided at this time:)) who is 14 months old was dining in her booster chair.

Making silly faces and their mommies crazy trying to get a good pict of the 3 of them!

After the shower, Kristina and I did a little shopping and headed over to Alicia's house to help get ready for the shower. We had a lot of delicious food!

Here is the beautiful soon to be bride Julie!

Our class! This was one of the best turn outs we have had in while. Several were missing because of sick children or other conflicts, but it was great catching up with these ladies!
I made the punch and it was a success! I got the recipe from Kelly's Korner, but it is easy...
Cherry Limeade Punch
2 liter Sprite
1 can frozen Limeade concentrate
1 jar Maraschino cherries
I doubled this, but used only the 1 jar of cherries. It is more of a summer drink, but worked out well last night!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Perfect Fall Day

Today, I woke up, sighed, and thought ...fall! Addison and I drank hot chocolate and ate pancakes for breakfast. I had a hair appointment, we ran a couple of errands, and then we went to Mary's Place for some fall shopping. We bought some pumpkins and 2 huge, beautiful mums! I love this time of year!

Addison decided the pumpkins were big enough to sit on!

We got home, and I lit every pumpkin scented candle I could find! We went into the attic and got down the fall decorations-although we never got around to unpacking them! We carried on our new tradition from last year... Decorating a pumpkin. This year, Addison was able to cut out (kinda:)) some of the body parts from a magazine by herself. (Click here for last year's pumpkin)

We glued them on...

And we have a (somewhat scary) perfect face on our pumpkin! HA!

The finished product with the hair and "hair holder."
We finished the night by building a fire and cooking hot dogs! It was a great day!