Monday, April 29, 2013

The real birthday

On Ansley's actual birthday, we ate lunch at Larry's pizza, and then went to the zoo. It was a perfect day! When we got home, she opened presents from us! Grammy and G-Dad stopped by to see the birthday girl, but she was napping.
Pictures from her party will come soon!

Happy Birthday girl with some pizza!

Big Sis got to benefit from the birthday celebrations!

All smiles on the carousel 

Ansley is all about babies these days.  We got her a swing/carrier, snow white dress, and a diaper bag set-all  for her babies! She also got a Dora for the bathtub.  Happy Birthday my sweet, precious, funny, 3 year old! 

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Ansley's Party

We had Ansley's party at The Little Gym in Little Rock.  She had so much fun!  We did a Minnie Mouse theme.  This year was neat because she understood it was a party for her!

Her outfit was precious!  I'm hoping to get a visit in to Disney World and she can wear it there!  I had it made here

Waiting for the trampoline to blow up! 

The precious cake!  I had her cake made by Sanctified Cakes.  They are an awesome couple who donates to the mission of their church! 

Can't believe she is "3"   My aunts both were in, and so we had a little last minute get together at our house.  It was good seeing Aunt Jean, Aunt Susan, Uncle Buddy and the rest of the crew! 

Nana, Daddy Dick and the girls! 

This was the invitation.  I got it off of Etsy from here

Friday, April 19, 2013

Fun week

On Monday, I planted the flowers we bought on Sunday! I LOVE flowers. I'm very pleased with how the pots turned out! Ansley took the picture of me hard at work!
Wednesday, I took the girls to get haircuts at Pigtails and Crewcuts. We did a little shoe shopping and got a sweet treat! We went to Hobby Lobby to get ribbon for Ansley's cake! The girls were great and we had fun!
Thursday, Ansley and I spent the day getting things ready for her party. We did a little wal mart shopping (with a chocolate donut), watched it rain, made mouse plates, and got a little cuddle time in!

waiting for haircuts is so much fun! 

We paid for the donut before we shopped!  Note her new shoes! That girl likes some sparkle! 

Being silly while making the plates! 

Ansley looked outside and said, 'Mama, God made that rain!' So sweet!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Beautiful Sunday

Last Sunday was just about the most perfect day. Our Sunday School class had a picnic and the children played at the park. We came home and the girls played outside with neighbors and then Ansley and I went to Mary's Place for flowers. It was a beautiful day!

My sweet, precious Addison.  She has changed so much lately.  She dropped a strawberry on her shirt, and so we had to tie it to the side to cover the stain!

She rocked the monkey bars!  

My friend Gina brought Pipa.  Ansley was in love.  She did such a good job taking care of her! 

Grant even had to love on "the waste of dog parts" too! 

My little helper at Mary's!  We had fun picking out flowers.  I'm pretty sure a few flowers were snuck into the wagon!  

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Great Weekend Start

I'm getting a pedicure as I write this post. Weekend is getting even better!

Last night, Grace and Olivia spent the night. They ate outside, played hard, and took a bubble bath! This morning, they made necklaces and played the DVD Candyland game. Love these sweet girls!
Olivia decided to sleep with Ansley. They both were excited about being bed partners! I took their picture over the monitor! Both are known to be all over the bed, but they stayed put last night!

Laid back, and looking cool

Sleeping Beauties! 

Ansley's matching set is pjs, but she doesn't have her pants on in the picture! 

Hugs from the best group of girls around! 

Making bracelets/necklaces

Dancing around the Candy Land pictures!