Monday, December 31, 2012

Let it Snow!!!

The snow was beautiful coming down!  I can't believe we had a white Christmas!  That night, we crazy cousins and Uncle Roger decided to get into the hot tub!  I was scared, honestly, but had to do it- peer pressure thing! It was awesome!  It took forever for it to heat up, but once it did, we got in and it felt great.  Such an incredible memory! 
In the back- Chris, Anna, me, Grant, Uncle Roger and Brad.  Nathan and his girlfriend Haley in front.  

Grant was actually the first one in! 

Since we didn't plan on spending the night, we had NO clothes!  Anna brought some things of Kane's for Addison.  I had one extra set of clothes for Ansley  in the car.  I wore mom's stuff, and Grant wore Dad's.  Mom, Addison and Grant went to Mom and Dad's old house where they still have things and got tons of warm clothes for us all to wear.  Nathan and Haley didn't have clothes either!  We had a big slumber party at mom's!  Everyone had spent the night and needed clothes to play in! 

Addison had a lot of fun.  She stayed out longer than anyone! 

I went to Dollar General and bought a few things for the girls to wear.  I at least wanted Ansley's head and hands covered!  She liked the snow for a little while, but her little hands got cold and wet fast! 

Grant and Uncle Roger making a hit me with a snow ball! 

Haley and Addison behind the "fort" making some snow balls

Nathan's outfit was hilarious!  We weren't sure if this sweater was a man's or woman's!  

Ansley was more into making a snowman with her Daddy!  Addison wanted to throw snowballs! 

Haley getting some snowman arms

Snow so bright- you gotta wear shades! 

The pitiful snowman

My sweet Addison

On Thursday, Ben and his family arrived.  Friday, they came to Mom's and the kiddos had a blast playing! Here they had a little snack together! Sweet boys!  

We stayed at Mom and Dad's until Saturday.  We got word that our electricity came back on Friday afternoon.  We had so much fun with the family, but we were ready to get home, too! 

Twas the Night Before Christmas...

We have a Christmas Eve tradition.  We have a "fancy" dinner at home and dress up.  Addison picked out one of my dresses and pick me out a dress.  Ansley decided to wear her Snow White dress, then she changed into Mermaid! We had grilled lamb chops, pear/cheese/pecan salad, and bread with dip.  We love this special night together!

Here the girls are in front of our little family tree.  This has ornaments from different places we have traveled to, ornaments the girls made, and the Hallmark family photo ornament from each year since 2006- the year Addison was born.  I LOVE looking at these each year! 

Addison took a pict of the 3 of us. 

After dinner we opened presents. 
I bought Add and Grant an electric toothbrush for Addison and the game Jenga!  This will help make sure the nightly tooth brushing is done well. 

Ans opened up her very own Cinderella Barbie! 

Nutcracker Barbie ballerina 

Gymnastics Dora

A few American girl McKenna items...

We played Jenga and tried to dodge the tower knocker over monster aka Ansley! 

Then we started getting ready for Santa! We gave Drip Drop the Elf food Addison had made at her school party, and then each girl told him bye! 

We put out the key for Santa since he can't come down our chimney!

We put the cookies on the plate and put them in front of the fireplace. Grant tried to eat a few! 

Then we put out the reindeer food including a couple of carrots! 

We read 2 Christmas books- 1 fun book and 1 book about the real meaning of Christmas! 

Then the two good little girls went to bed with hopes that St Nicholas would soon be there! 
Sweet girls in bed together! 

Christmas Day

Christmas morning, the girls woke up and got in bed with us at 5:30 and went back to sleep!  We couldn't believe it!  We all stirred about 8, and got up to see what Santa had brought! 

Addison wanted Mulan II so bad and was so excited to have received it! 

The whole loot!  Ansley's on the left, and Addison's on the right! 

Ansley got diapers for her babies!

Hot Chocolate on Christmas morning! 

We then got ready and drove to Prescott.  We had Christmas lunch with PawPaw and Joy.  The weather was expected to get bad, so we left for Murfreesboro thinking we would stay there for just a couple of hours! 
5 of the 6 cousins...we were missing Ben who came later in the week. 

We opened presents and all received our yearly tradition red panties! 

I had Nathan's name.  I gave him a box of chocolates filled with $$! 

We played a little Jenga. 

Ansley was all about singing some Christmas Carols!

The 4 siblings- Aunt Susan, Aunt Jean, Uncle Buddy, and Mom

Ansley took a little nap with her hiney in the air! 

Addison took some pictures...

We had a great Christmas!  We started back to Benton when the ice started.  We got past Delight, and the roads were completely covered with snow.  Grant decided to turn around and go back to Murfreesboro!  He didn't want to chance being stuck on the Interstate.  We had no idea how glad we would be to be at Murfreesboro...with electricity!