Monday, November 30, 2009

I'm Thankful!

I have so much to be thankful for this year! We are so blessed!

Addison's snack day was Tuesday at Preschool. I was so tempted to just get something easy and fast, but I wanted to do a special snack for Thanksgiving. So Monday, after working late, I headed to the grocery store to get the Turkey cookie supplies. I arrived home after 6, and quickly prepared dinner aka opening up the bought Rotisserie Chicken only to find a turkey breast, and warming up canned veges. I was tired, and so was Addison, but we managed to make a few cookies before she went to bed. I stayed up late and finished the cookies... Aren't they cute!!???

And then when I got up on Tuesday morning, I found this sweet note from my wonderful husband!

So they do realize we sometimes go the extra mile for our children, and appreciate the recognition! Thanks Babe!

Thursday morning, we got up and began our Thanksgiving rush- 3 Thanksgiving celebrations and then back home! Here is my little turkey ready for Thanksgiving!

First stop- Paw Paw and Joy's in Prescott. Here is Addison with her Grammy.

Second stop-Uncle Buddy and Aunt Karen's in Murfreesboro. Here is Addison with her Nana.

Uncle Buddy and the new addition- Molly. Addison had a blast playing with Molly!

And last stop- Aunt Margaret and Uncle Tom's house. This was a cool toy that my cousins had grown up playing with. Addison thought it was pretty neat, too!

We then took my Granny Sue home, and went inside to see her tree and Christmas decorations. I love her house and it always looks beautiful for whatever season, but especially Christmas! We put Addison in her pjs, brushed her teeth and headed home! It was awesome waking up Friday with nothing to do, but decorate!
Addison came home with a turkey painting made from her hand at school last week. On it, it said, "Addison is thankful for her Mommy and Daddy kissing at their wedding."


Grant and I went to Chicago a couple of weekends ago. We had a blast.! Our 10 year anniversary will be arriving right after our new little bundle of joy comes, so we didn't think we would be celebrating then. We decided to go somewhere now, before I got too big and uncomfortable. We decided on Chicago, and I'm glad we did. We stayed at the Omni on the Magnificent Mile. We didn't leave this area, and didn't even go into every store. We shopped, walked, and ate. The Holiday parade was going on and we watched a little of it on Saturday night. It was a fun trip! We missed Addison a lot- and a lot more than she missed us! She stayed one night with each grandparents.

I had Gaywyn take my picture before we left for the airport on Friday morning. I am 16 weeks- 4 months! I forgot to rotate the picture before I posted- sorry!

Friday for lunch, we ate Chicago style pizza! It was yummy! Friday night, we shared a burger at Cheesecake Factory because we both wanted our own cheesecake!

On Saturday, we went to the John Hancock tower. We went to the lounge area and got a perfect window seat! I even enjoyed a Rush Street Martini- a refreshing virgin drink with various fruit juices!

The view was amazing! Grant was pretty impressive with his knowledge of the various skyscraper stats- well he used his iphone impressively well to obtain this knowledge anyway! Ha!

We arrived at the airport too early on Sunday, but were able to catch an earlier flight. We arrived in LR, then went and ate at On the Border and did a little Christmas shopping at Toys-R-Us before heading back to the airport to get our luggage. Then we went home and waited on Addison's arrival! It sure was good to see her!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Praise Him! Praise Him! Praise Him!

Yesterday I went to the dr feeling quite anxious, but also at peace because I knew God was in control. Several people were praying, and I was ready for freedom! And that is what I got! Things are working- Praise God! Grant and I left the dr's office in our separate cars and went to On the Border to eat. On our way, I was thanking and praising God. I started singing "Praise God from whom all blessings flow" and I got tickled! My blessings were flowing in the bathroom!

Thanks for the texts, comments, phone calls, and most of all prayers!

Monday, November 9, 2009


Grant and Addison left Friday morning, and Mom was on her way up here. When she got here we ran to Red Box and got some movies. We watched one movie, but then I was exhausted and ready to turn in. I was asleep by 9:00. I went to bed not knowing where Mom would sleep. I didn't want to be too big of a baby and ask her to sleep with me, but I didn't want to need her in the middle of the night and her not hear me. It brought me peace when I woke around 2:30 and she was sleeping beside me. Guess we never quit being our Mamma's baby!
Saturday morning was pretty uneventful. I pretty much sat around while mom waited on me. I figured out that the spasms occurred primarily when I was up and about or if I had been up and sat down. So in order to avoid the painful little things, I didn't move much, and still haven't. Sorry if this is TMI, just click off the blog now. This is my journal, and I have had several friends and family members call, text, and e-mail me to check on things. I am a prayer warrior and want as many prayers as possible so I want you to know what you are praying for!
Saturday afternoon, I noticed blood in the catheter bag. I called medical exchange, and the nurse told me to go on to the ER. So mom and I (and my large night time catheter, and my other full catheter bag in a Kroger bag, (we were a sight)), headed to Baptist. We waited for an hour until we were moved to a room in the ER. A very nice, yet OLDER, dr came in. He wanted a urine sample (I just sat there :)), and blood work. I requested to hear baby. Labor and Delivery nurses arrived right after a "messy" spasm, but seeing them lifted my spirits. She tried and tried, but once again, this little stubborn mess, wanted us to see him/her so it wouldn't let us see the heartbeat. They left to go get the portable ultrasound machine and the lady came in to do my labs. After a few prayers, mom leaving the room so she wouldn't faint, and three sticks, she finally had success. Why the only little thing God blessed me with was little veins, I don't know! By this time the labor/delivery nurses were back, and we saw a waving little baby- ooops I actually just typed boy, hum??!! No indication on the ultrasound of the sex, just a beating heart, open mouth and waving hand! Beautiful!
The ER dr came back in. He announced there was still infection showing up in the analysis which was probably causing the blood. He consulted the on call OB and they decided to leave in the catheter, so I wouldn't end up like I had on Thursday and be back in the ER. So 4 hours later, we left the ER knowing baby was OK, I had an infection, which we suspected, and I am to continue drinking lots of liquids.
Eventful day, but all ended well. I feel God had already answered so many prayers this weekend. I missed a call from my nurse Sheila on Friday morning. I was so upset, and just prayed that she would call back and she did. Addison had a fun weekend! The baby is doing OK, and I didn't have to stay in the hospital. Now I just pray for my appointment tomorrow. The plan is to remove the catheter, allow me to go on my own, put the cath back in to make sure the bladder is empty, and if all goes well and my prayers are answered, remove the catheter and life resumes as normal! Please pray! I actually want to go back to work! I will update tomorrow!
In closing- Addison's prayer last night-

Dear God,
Kingdom come, your be done
Help heal mommy so she can get this bag off her leg
so she will feel better

Friday, November 6, 2009

Big Girls Don't Cry-Unless..

a) they are talking to their mothers

b) they can't take care of their child

c) they are hormonal

d) they have a Foley catheter

e) all the above

So my answer is e) all the above. There seems to be a trend of drama on Thursday, or at least the past 2 Thursdays. Last Thursday, we were frightened when we couldn't hear the baby's heartbeat. This Thursday I had to go to the doctor unexpectedly. I had to go to the bathroom more than usual on Wednesday. I just assumed it was pregnancy related. No discomfort, just frequent trips. Then Wednesday night, I woke twice to go which was unusual for me. At 4:30 Thursday morning, I had to go, but couldn't. This feeling of urgency with little result continued. By 8:00 I was just about ready to go to the ER. Instead I had my dear, sweet, friend Holly drive me to my doctor. I called on the way, but only left a message. Now this says a lot about how I was feeling. I am a rules person. I like to follow protocol, but protocol wasn't going to cut it for me! I showed up unannounced, apologized, and stated "I think I have a bladder infection and need to have a urinalysis." They had to pull my chart, and then let me talk to a phone nurse (in person) to get the order. By this time Sheila came by and was trying to decide if I needed to see a dr. The analysis came back OK (no blood), but they needed to send it for a culture. They could tell by this time, I had to see a dr. They were even a little concerned about it possibly being my cervix. This is when I got a little scared. Dr. B wasn't on call, but he squeezed me in. After hearing the baby's heartbeat :) he told me that the baby was very low, which could be part of the problem. He checked me and all looked fine with the baby. They ended up having to catheterize me, and they obtained a large amount of "output." Due to the volume and the obvious not working bladder, they decided to leave the catheter in, go ahead and start antibiotics and wait on the culture. Dr. B even consulted with an urologist. I am hoping that is the last of the urologist consultation! I go back Tuesday and we will see if all is working well then. If not, well we will cross that bridge when we get there.

I shed a few overwhelmed tears at the dr., but I knew I would fall apart talking to my momma. I don't understand this, but it always happens! As soon as I heard her voice, I got out I'm OK and then lost it. She was on a cruise this past week. She got in from Galveston late last night and is now on her way up here. Momma's are the best!

Addison felt the catheter on my leg and so I tried to explain it to her. She was a little freaked out, but the hardest thing was that I don't think she likes momma not feeling well. This breaks my heart, and makes me thankful for my health and ability to play with Addison and take care of her on a normal basis. This will pass, but there are sick mommas out there that aren't so lucky. I have prayed for them!

Yesterday afternoon, I experienced some leakage. This was diagnosed as bladder spasms. Today, that is the most bothersome part. None of this is fun, but the spasms are very uncomfortable! They only last a few seconds, but have been fairly frequent. These could be caused by the trauma from yesterday's fullness, the position of the baby/uterus, or just from the catheter itself. So fun times here!

I think the hormones are keeping me from convincing everyone I am fine. This situation is a nuisance, but this is totally dealable. The baby is fine, probably warm and cozy on top of my bladder, enjoying the vibrations from the spasms, and that is what makes it all OK. I look at Addison and think I would do anything, or go through anything for her, and I know when I see this little angel, I will feel the same way!

I am hanging out with my bag waiting for my momma to get here. Grant and Addison went to Fayetteville to the game. We already had that part planned, but I was having some girls from work over to scrapbook. I wanted them to go ahead and go. I think I can relax and rest better if I'm not worried about Addison, and I think she will be happier not having to worry about this thing on my leg!

So today, when you have to go to the bathroom, don't take it for granted! Thank God that you are able to! If you have children and are taking care of them, even in those frustrating moments, be thankful that your health allows you to! So much can change so fast!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Prayer for those involved in abortions

I just read about this from another blogger's site. Click here. This just shows how important prayer is! God can work miracles!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Princess Belle

The week Addison was sick, we had planned on going to Murfreesboro to spend the night with my Mom and Dad. I really miss my Granny Sue and wanted to spend some time with her, too. Mom was so excited about us coming and had planned on making Halloween cookies with Addison and Kane. Of course, our trip was cancelled, but mom and Gaywyn took turns coming and mom brought stuff for them to make cookies.

Don't you just love the pink pumpkin and purple bat??!! Girly girl's colors!

This past Friday, Addison's daycare class had their Halloween party. Since Addison doesn't go on Fridays, we went just for the party. They played musical chairs...

Ring Toss...

and pumpkin bean bag toss.

Then she got to eat a yummy cupcake!

Here is princess Belle on Halloween night. We had soo much fun getting ready. She got to wear makeup and we put ringlets in her hair (which fell out before we ever left the house!).

Mommy's princess!

Addison quickly discovered she loved this trick or treating thing. She became Ms. Independent and wanted to go to the door all by herself! We tried to let her have her space while still being close enough for our comfort! It was fun this year because she really understood what she was doing and was able to say "Trick or Treat" and then "Thank you!"