Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Weekend!

Saturday morning we went to the church Easter Party/Egg hunt. Even the Easter bunny was there. Addison did fine in line, but the anxiety set in when it was her turn! Thankfully, I talked her into standing beside him for a picture!

There were craft tables set up as well as cookies and lemonade!

Addison enjoyed the hunt! The eggs were empty, but they traded the eggs in for prizes!

After the Easter Party, we went to Target, and I bought a lot of organizing things including a label maker. LOVE IT! But they may be another post! We then went and ate at Burger King. Addison got "stuck" in the tunnels and got scared. I was able to talk her back to the stairs, but then she was uneasy coming down the stairs because her feet couldn't reach. I was beginning to wonder how at 9 months pregnant I was going the squeeze up the stairs and get her! A teenage girl came to our rescue and got Addison down! After eating we came home and dyed Easter Eggs and made/decorated sugar cookies!

Sunday morning, I was in the bathroom and I heard Addison saying, "Daddy, wake up! The Easter Bunny came!" She came and found me, and we went to see what the bunny brought! There were sunglasses, a Belle princess cup, Egg sidewalk chalk, T-shirt, swimsuits, DVD, bracelet, chocolate bunny, flip flops, and a gardening set (I bought this a year ago for $3 :))

The best part of Easter this year was that Addison could begin to understand the meaning. She can tell the Easter story in her own 3 year old way! It was amazing! We read several books on the true meaning of Easter, and they talked about it at school!

After church we went to Mimi's Cafe and met Gigi, Michael, and baby Luke for lunch!

Not the best picture because the sun was in our eyes, but we had to have a family picture!

Look at this sweet family! Luke is only 2 weeks old! He was perfect during lunch! He is such a beautiful baby! Happy 1st Easter Luke!


FrouFrouBritches said...

Such a sweet family picture! Love your dress and Addison's too.