Saturday, June 29, 2013

Worthless on a Wednesday!

We went back to the beach on Wednesday. Again we ran into the people we knew. We hung out and built sandcastles! We went back to the pool for the afternoon. After naps all 9 of us went to eat at McGuires! It was some awesome food!

Vacation Tuesday

After breakfast Tuesday, it became cloudy and rainy. Gi, Michael, and Gaywyn decided to run to the outlets for a bit. It cleared up, so Grant and I decided to take the kiddos to the pool. Everyone joined us when the got back, and even brought a gator back! It got cloudy again so we had to go back to room and eat Popsicles!
Grammy and Gdad had another dinner, and it was kids night in the village so we decided to eat there again. Gi and Michael met some friends that were also in Destin, so we decided to just each Sushi! It was good! Addison and Grant zip lined again this year. I wasn't near as nervous this time! We then ran into some friends who were also tagging along with their parents and took the children to the playground. They had a blast! We then stopped at the candy store, watched the fireworks, and headed back to the room!

Florida Fun

We got to Destin before lunch on Sunday. Gi and Michael went on to the beach to get us chairs rented for the week. The four of us explored the village and then ate with Grammy and Gdad for lunch. We waited forever to get checked in, but we had a good time!
Monday, we ate breakfast and then headed to the beach. The tram took forever so we decided we would drive! We were at Sanddestin Village which is across the street from the beach. The parking at the beach was close and easy though!
We left the beach and stopped at the pool for a bit. We decided to eat in the village since we had 2-3 year olds going with no naps!!!😫😫😫😫we stopped to take a few pictures on our way back!
Gi had left dinner with Luke and we had to get her dinner to go. Luke crashed while waiting and then the poor fellow woke up.

Thursday, June 27, 2013


We left on June 15th for a FL vacation. Gary had a banking convention and we got to tag along! We drove to Mobile, AL on Saturday, and on in to Destin on Sunday. The girls really were great travelers! We bought Addison an iPod touch before we left as an early bday present. As you can see, she was beyond excited! I didn't wait as long as I intended to, but she has no gaming systems, and I thought we might as well go with that device now instead of buying a DS now and a year later the iPod touch!
Addison played on and listened to the iPod, they watched movies, ate snacks, played with dolls, colored, and did press on nails!
All in all, we had a great trip down there!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Family Beach Pictures

We just got back from Destin.  Grammy and G-Dad have allowed us to tag along the past 2 years.  Gary has a bank convention and we play and have fun! We had pictures made on the beach one night, and I've just uploaded the ones I took with my camera, so I thought I would go ahead and post them.  We had so much fun! Other vacation posts to follow!  
 The little ones people watching while waiting to take pictures! 

My pretty girl...My other pretty girl was not cooperating at the time!  

 And here's my other pretty girl...finally cooperating (a little) 

 Luke and Anlsey had so much fun playing together!  Her they were running from the waves! 

 We tried to get a picture of the 3 of us.  It just wasn't happening so we decided to have a little fun instead! 

 Ansley fell in the water, and wanted her dress off.  I laughed and said, this is real world.  You normally don't see this in pictures! 

The entire crew!  Love this family! 

Friday, June 21, 2013

Swim like a fish

Addison decided to participate with the Saline County swim team this summer! She was able to participate in the first meet. She was very overwhelmed at first but did a great job! I'm so very proud of her for giving this a shot! She is such a brave girl. I hope she will always try new things. She has practice several times a week, and she has made so much progress. The first meet, she did 2 events-kickboard and freestyle. Freestyle was first, and she really didn't know what to expect. She got out there and gave her best! What an accomplishment! When kickboard came around, she was more into the racing part! She understood that it was a race! She did great! We had a great time, she's made a ton of progress swimming, and she was so proud of herself! I'm pretty proud of my little fish, too!


I love summertime! We have already been checking some things off our bucket list for the summer... Riverfest concert with friends, anniversary trip, new school for girls, s'mores, snow cones, war memorial splash park and zoo!