Thursday, March 25, 2010

Oh! I have a Blog!

So, not a lot of free time around here lately, and I have been going to bed MUCH earlier than I use to. I just realized I haven't blogged the entire month of March, nor have I even blogged all of February. Here is a little catch up (in reverse order!).

Santa brought Addison a Barbie Dream house for Christmas. She really wasn't playing with it, and there were little pieces everywhere. I also struggled with maybe introducing Barbies too early. She still loves her babies, and prefers to play house more than anything. So, I decided to put the barbie house in the attic. I somehow convinced Addison this was her idea so she was fine with it. Since the Barbie house was her main Christmas present, I felt we needed to replace it. I decided to buy her a new baby bed.

It came in and she and her daddy put it together. It is cute and she has really enjoyed having it!

Addison got her Handy Manny tools out to "help" her daddy put it together. I thought this was too cute and really enjoyed watching them put it together!

Grant, Addison and I went to Memphis at the end of Feb for a Speech-Language Conference. I was able to get all my continuing education hours for the year. I am so glad this is taken care of before Ansley is born. Grant and Addison went to the Children's Museum in Memphis and had a great time! I took this picture at Neely's Barbecue place in Memphis.

This month we decided to stop gymnastic classes for a while. Here are some pictures from her last night! I think we may try dance in the fall. She loves being a ballerina!

And last, Valentine's Day was fun this year. We made cookies, but I managed to not get a picture. Here is Addison with a couple of her gifts. She got a jewelry box, jewelry, and a box of chocolates.

February was also filled with several Birthday Parties! Addison went to one at Leah's gymnastics, Build a Bear, and the Wonder Place. She was so excited for the birthday boy and girls to open their presents!