Wednesday, July 21, 2010

3 months!

Little Miss Ansley Sue is now 3 months old! My how you have changed! You are smiling all the time now. You smile when we talk to you, and will smile spontaneously, too!

You will laugh out loud sometimes. You are cooing a lot, and will just tell us all about what you are thinking! You also squeal in delight!

You have really good head control now. When on your tummy, you can hold your head up to 90 degrees! You can even keep you head level with your body when pulled to sitting! You also love to stand up! You have rolled over several times from your tummy to back!

You will turn your head in all directions to watch us- especially Addison! You are extremely alert now! You've started drooling a ton! You also will suck on both fists!

You are going to bed between 7:30 and 8:30, sleeping until 1-2, and then sometimes you wake again around 4, but other times you sleep until 6. No matter what, you are sleeping for longer periods! We are still swaddling you, and you still sleep in the pack in play in our room. After you eat at night, you go right back to sleep, and I can easily put you back in your "bed."

You have started going to MDO. Your first day was a little rough, and they had to call me to come feed you. You didn't take a bottle all day. You do MUCH better when you are home with your grandmothers! Today was better at MDO though! You took 3 bottles! WOOHOO! I miss you so much when you are at MDO! When I'm with you, you nurse every 2-3 hours. You take several short naps throughout the day, but occasionally will sleep for over an hour.
You are such a precious baby, and we love you very much!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Party Week!

Well, my first baby is now 4 years old! I can't believe it! She is at such a fun stage, and full of drama at times! We had her friend party at Pink Bliss in LR. We were limited in how many children we could invite, and I let her make her invite list. She was able to invite all her school friends!

This pict is blurry, but I love the expression on her face! As the girls arrived they played games like Duck Duck Goose.

Then they changed into their Fairy Princess costumes and got all dolled up!

This little princess had one little screaming fit during her sister's party! She needed a nap! We took a bottle and she took a little from it. I was able to feed her while Addison opened her presents!

More little Fairy Princesses

Addison with her make up on!

Getting her nails done!

Receiving Fairy dust while...

chanting "I wish I were a princess!"

Sweet little Fairies!

Addison's cake. She wanted a purple. polka dot. rectangle cake.

Blowing out the candles!

On her actual birthday, I took cupcakes to school. Addison and I made the toppers!

Celebrating with her friends!

On the Sunday before her birthday, we had a family party at our house. It was a Candy Land theme. I was crazy getting everything together while trying to take care of Ans, but everything turned out well. I DID NOT TAKE ONE PICTURE!!! I got these from my sister and SIL. I know Gi took more and I will get those from her later. But here are a few shots!

For the birthday cake, I made a "Gloppy" cake aka a chocolate chip pound cake.

Addison got a bike for her birthday! She was excited!

She had a great week and enjoyed celebrating her birthday!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Addison!

Oh my sweet Addison! I can't believe you have been a part of our lives for 4 years, but I can't remember what life was like before you! Everyday you amaze us, make us laugh, and touch our hearts! So what are you up to as a 4 year old...

You love art stuff! You love to color, draw and paint.

You can write your name, but sometimes do "b" for "d" and your "s" is backwards sometimes, but it still looks beautiful to me!

You love to pretend! You are a princess or ballerina, you are a love to play with your brother. Yes, that's right. His name is David and he has been a part of our lives for about 4 months now. You will say he is pretend, but he does everything with us. We sometimes have to roll down the window to let him jump in when we leave him places!

You love to sing! You will sing along with any song and pretend you know the words.

You have really grown this past year, and you are very tall. I am buying size 5 clothes for you! You still let me pick out your clothes for the most part, but still prefer to wear dresses. You completely dress yourself down to your shoes. You have started requesting that I leave you hair down, and not put a bow in it. We try to compromise!

You have true friends now. You enjoy your friends and look forward to playing with them at school.

You are shy at times, and will tell me you are going to be shy for a little while when we go somewhere. It just takes you a little time to warm up.

You went to VBS for the first time this summer!

You love God and have started asking questions! You can recite the Lord's Prayer and retell many Bible stories. You asked me the other day if God was dead. I said no, why? You answered -because He is in Heaven! You keep me on my toes!

You still love your family very much. You love to play with your grandmothers, aunts, uncles, and cousins.

You are a great big sister! You love Ansley very much. You like to rub your head against hers and cannot keep your hands off her head!

You've really become a Daddy's girl! You want to go with him on errands, and like for him to get you ready for bed time!

You still rarely nap! You have rest time when we are home, and you will lie in bed and read books. Occasionally you will go to sleep. You still sleep around 10 1/2 hours at night. You go to bed around 8 or 8:30 and sleep until 6:30 or 7.

You are still a good eater, but have become a little more picky! You still love fruit, and eat veges well- with Ranch! You really like sweets now, and always ask for dessert.

Addison- I love watching you grow and learn! You are a precious little girl!

Friday, July 9, 2010


Guess who rolled over today??? That's right! She rolled just one time, but I'll take it! Last night we were helping her out by tucking her arm under her a little, and then she would roll on over. Today, I laid her down on her tummy, and she put that little head over and flipped on over!
She's growing up!

Happy 4th of July!

On Saturday, I dressed the girls in some 4th attire and planned on going to Target. Addison had a drams fit because she didn't give her daddy a kiss and a hug (although she did) so she decided to stay home. I guess I got her dressed to help her daddy wash the windows!

It is sooo hard to get a good picture of both of them! Addison has started closing her eyes in most pictures! URGH!

And more pictures on Sunday!

This is blurry, but I had to put it in because Addison has really showed an interest in taking pictures and has gotten pretty good! She is still a little shaky! Maybe a camera would be a good birthday present for her! Taken care of!

On Sunday, our friends Lori and Jason and their baby Ramsey came over. Grant and Jason now do some work together, and so they had planned on us getting together over the 4th. Grant cooked ribs- they were delicious!

Me and my girls!

Ansley likes Patty Cake- even when you just do the hand movements!

Ramsey (4 months), Addison, and Ansley (2 months)

Grant, Jason, and Addison shot some fireworks. This is the first year that Addison wasn't afraid of them!

No, I didn't put her in these shoes/socks with this outfit! Grant told her to go put on some shoes and she chose these! They were good and safe for firework shooting! I, on the other hand, walked out barefoot and stepped on a spark and burned my big toe! OUCH!
We are so thankful for the freedoms we have! Hope you all had a Happy 4th of July!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Sad Times and Wet Times...

Ansley had her 2 month check up on June 22. She weighed 10 lbs, 13 oz, and was 23 inches long! She is a growing girl! Dr. H was pleased with her development! When we mentioned the bottle situation, she simply said, "Well, good job Mom!" She didn't act concerned at all. Then it was on to the shots. Grant held her, it just broke my heart. I requested they did two of the shots at the same time in order to get them over faster!

Ready, Set, Shot, Scream!

HMMM! That wasn't too bad!

Last week, Grant's paternal Grandmother passed away. On Thursday, we headed to Hope. The funeral was at 10:00 Friday morning, so Grant's parents very sweetly got us a hotel room- Thanks Grammy and G-Dad! We went for a little swim before visitation Thursday night. This was my first attempt at packing for the four of us. I was a little disappointed with myself! I forgot sunscreen, and a hat for Ansley. She borrowed her cousin Luke's hat! The cuff links were also left at home, but I'm not taking all the credit for that one!
1st time in a swimming pool! The water was very warm. Ansley seemed to like it!

Grammy and Ansley

The four of us!


Roberts family

Worn out after the 15 minutes in the pool!

After the funeral, we stopped in Prescott to see PawPaw and Joy. This was the first time they got to meet Ansley.

Daddy and his girls!