Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Right Decision

I keep meaning to post on Addison's new school, but just haven't. I have yet again misplaced my memory stick or let me rephrase that...My memory stick has disappeared again. I'm not blaming anyone, but it could be hidden by the same person who hid my favorite head band on her Daddy's T-shirt shelf or her Daddy's brush in his chair. But like I was saying I'm not blaming anyone!

Addison started to daycare at the church we are attending on July 15. This was a big decision for us! The final straw was when Addison asked me one morning where she was going, and it honestly took me a few minutes to figure it out myself. This summer, she was with 3 different people in 4 days. She was at Ms. Janice's house 2 days, MDO 1 day, and at home with her grandmothers 1 day. It has been such a blessing for us to have one of her grandmother's here each week. I know each of them has developed a relationship with Addison that will last her lifetime! We thought though it was time for her to have some consistency in her schedule! She got to where she wasn't napping, and like I said b/f, we were all confused about where she was going each day. She also was going to be starting preschool at the church, and would be able to attend the daycare b/f and after preschool twice a week. So...she was able to start 4 days a week at the daycare at church. She has seemed happy there, and has adjusted quickly. Today was open house for Preschool! I think all the children really enjoyed it. I am excited about her starting that, too! I have felt confident in our decision to send her to daycare, but tonight I felt a peace about it that I didn't expect...

My baby said The Lord's Prayer! Watch here...

Grant and I were both so moved! How precious is that! Daycare had sent home a copy of The Lord's Prayer a couple of weeks ago, so I knew they were working on it. I thought I needed to say it with her, too, but after a couple of nights, I forgot. We read from her Bible each night and say her nighttime prayers though! Sunday at church she said the prayer in unison with everyone else, but today was the first day she said it alone.

I am sooo proud of her!

We also started back to gymnastics tonight- so she is in her leotard in the video.

Praise God for signs even when we don't ask for them!


Shanice Lee said...

Aww.. She's so amazing! I am a Christian too and our church young kids who are 3 to 4 years old don't know how to do that.. Some, only some would know.. Have an awesome day. "Hi, Addison!" Love Shanice