Monday, September 14, 2009

No dirty diapers please!

On Saturday, Addison and I went to a baby shower for Danya, a friend of mine from work. The girls hosting the shower did a great job and had some games and activities to play. Addison really enjoyed helping Danya open the presents...

However, she did not enjoy one of the games! I had played this before. Various candy bars were melted into diapers. The purpose of the game is to guess what candy bar the diaper holds! Just think, melted chocolate smashed around in the diaper. Everyone closely studying the mess, smelling it, and passing the diapers around. Addison was just watching everyone- especially Holly and me. Holly offered Addison one of the diapers for baby Sydney and you should have seen her face! She was mortified! She didn't answer she just made a horrible face and kinda backed away. I don't think she was ever convinced of what was really in the diapers! Someone took this picture as Holly and I were almost hysterical and Addison was just very confused! I really wish you could have seen her face!

There are several people who are pregnant that we are close to. We are going to have to really prepare Addison for those dirty diapers!