Sunday, September 27, 2009

Smiles, Camping, Preschool, and Play Date

Once again, I am playing catch up! I picked a few pictures from the past month to do a quick update on some of our happenings. I posted in reverse order- ooops- so sorry!

Addison and I met my friend Sarah and her baby Blake for lunch and then went over to their house for a while. Addison and Blake got along just fine. They seem to have the same laid back personalities! Blake was precious and was soo good at lunch! She and Addison let their mommies do a lot of visiting!

I love back shots! They were watching a Praise Baby DVD. I had never heard of these and it was sweet!

Here is a picture from Addison's first day of preschool! We took a couple of pictures before we left the house, and this one is my favorite. Addison gets her blue eyes from my dad's side of the family. My Pap Paw had real blue eyes and so does my dad. Mine are blue, but nothing like this!

Here is at drop off. Addison did fine going on in the class. Her daycare class is on the left side of the hall, just a little ways down. They take her and several of the other children across the hall and back on preschool days. She seems to be enjoying it a lot! She has a little boy friend from Mother's day out that is going to preschool, too. She was glad to get to play with Ethan again!

Just for fun, Addison, Grant, Gunner and I went camping one Friday the backyard...for about an hour!:) It was fun, but a storm was moving in so we had to go inside. Grant and I were devastated-HeeHee! Yes, Addison wore a necklace and bracelet to go camping!

Our tent! Addison thought this was neat! But what she really liked was ....

Yummm! Smores are the best!

Here is Addison at her first dentist appointment! Again, this is in reverse order so here Addison is trying to show off her clean teeth. This is Miss Amy. She has been cleaning mine and Grant's teeth for a couple of years. She was sooo good with Addison!

Cleaning those sparkly whites!

Addison checking Little Baby's teeth

Getting ready to get started. Amy did everything on Little Baby first which really seemed to help! I am really glad we brought her! Overall, Addison did great!
We've had some fun times this summer! I love this stage with Addison! She is so much fun and we can hang out and do things and she gets excited and likes to plan!!!! Being a mother is great!