Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I'm squishy!

Tonight all was quiet. I was reading blogs, Grant was watching Fox news when out of the blue, "Mom, come check on me!" I answerd, "Addison- still and quiet! Mommy will come check on you in a few minutes!" 3 seconds later..."WAAAAA" Grant went in and checked on her. He came out and once again "MOM!" So I put my computer down and walked in there.
Me "What is it baby?"
Addison "I rolled like this on Tinkerbell and it hurt."
Me "Yes, baby. Tinkerbell is kinda hard."
A "Tinkerbell isn't hard!"
Me"Well, she isn't squishy like Baby Sidney."
A "Oh. She's not squishy. But you are squishy, Mommy."

I'm squishy. Lovely compliment from my 3 year old!


Danya said...

This is hilarious! My 5 year old nephew tells me my arms are flabby, if it makes you feel any better. And the other day he was talking to my dad, his PawPaw, and said "You're fat!" Sigh..the things kids say...