Thursday, September 17, 2009


Today I received my Parenting magazine. I love getting these magazines. Of course, the advice is quite different from the Cosmo articles I use to read! On the last page, there is always a top 10 list. These are usually quite humorous! Today the list read "Ten things I never thought I would say!" There were several that made me smile and go "yep" said that one today. So I thought I would do a little list of my own...

10 things I never thought I would say before becoming a parent!

1. No men don't stand up and poop. They sit down. (Can you imagine??!! Most have trouble aiming the #1)

2. I am so excited about seeing The Little Einstiens! Come on! Lets go! Little Einstiens! Yeah!

3. Because I said so. THAT'S why!

4. How much milk did you pump today?

5. Please bend over! I need to check for poop!

6. Let's not take a bath tonight. We can just wait until in the morning.

7. Just wipe it on mommy's pants.

8. Is that yogurt or milk in that cup and where did you find it?

9. Please look up so I can get that huge booger out of your nose.

10. Please don't say "my hoo hoo is wiggling." Hoo hoos are private. That is why we wear panties on them. Lets pick another body part to sing about.


Tera Floyd said...

That is so hilarious!!