Friday, August 21, 2009

Baby Showers!

Kelly's Korner is hosting Show Us Your Life Fridays with this week being Baby Showers! I have enjoyed looking at all the links and can't wait to host a baby shower in a few months for a very good friend, and attend one for someone else that is very special to me! I thought I would take a trip down memory lane and post some picts of our baby showers. I was fortunate to have 4 showers- graduate school girls, work, good friend Jamie, and hometown church shower!

I had to include this pict of what soon to be daddies get to do after the baby showers while huge, uncomfortable soon to be mommies pretend (or really think) they know how to put everything together better, although they can't get in the floor to help!

This was the table at the shower thrown by the girl's I went to graduate school with. Everything was yummy. It is always so nice to see these girls and catch up!

Jondalyn, Lori, me holding Jondalyn's baby, and Allison with her baby!

Cake at the work shower!

This was the table at the work shower. I thought it looked really cute!The shower was a joint shower for Holly and me. They did a great job using neutral colors. I was having Addison, Holly was having Noah! We were three weeks apart during our pregnancies and then both our babies were born 3 weeks early!

Looks like I'm 3 months ahead instead of 3 weeks-HA! Holly and I developed a really strong friendship through our pregnancies. Don't think either one of us could have survived without the other! It's been so nice to have someone to share things with! 3 years later and Holly with a second baby, we still depend on each other!

This is Jamie and me at the shower she threw for me. I loved the dress I am wearing! I only wore it 2x though since someone decided to come early!

Jamie can set up a spread! The table was beautiful and went along with the chocolate and pink theme for the nursery, even the brown bear that we kinda incorporated into the nursery (brown bear rug). Everything was delicious, and I was so appreciative of her having the shower!

I don't have any digital picts of the church shower table or gifts, and I'm too lazy to go scan them! Here is my two wonderful grandmothers and me!
This was fun! Hope you enjoy!