Tuesday, September 22, 2009

In the need of prayer

I have weaned myself from late night blogging/crying episodes. There are so many stories out there that just break my heart. Grant gets mad at me for reading these blogs and crying. He doesn't understand why I do it. I don't either, except for the fact that I can be one more person lifting up prayer. Tonight from Kelly's Korner I found this family's blog. I couldn't even tell Grant about it because I was choking back tears. Since he has gone to bed, I have read their entire blog and have shed many tears. Please take time to pray for this man and his newborn baby girl. His wife went to be with Jesus today.

The Sullivan's


Danya said...

THANKS a lot Gina! Now you've got me sobbing as well.

:) That is what I do, too. I read blogs of people I don't know and spend all night crying my eyes out. Strangely enough, I always find their links on your page :) haha, jk :)