Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I Scared!

Yes, we went trick or treating, but I didn't get any better picts than the ones from the boo at the zoo posting. Addison was a cute little lady bug and really enjoyed the candy! We had fun!

Addison has recently started saying she was scared lately. "mommy I scared of that boy" "I scared that man" "I scared daddy snoring" and the list goes on. She also signs scared when she says it, although this is a new sign for her. (It is funny how she won't sign for weeks then all of sudden she uses some of the baby signs she used before she was talking) I HIGHLY RECOMMEND USING BABY SIGNS WITH YOUR BABY-IT WORKED GREAT WITH ADDISON. Anyway, we are dealing with this scared period.
Last night it was me who said "I scared!" We are staying so busy with our normal lives plus the house that we forgot to buy dog food. I told Grant I had something I could feed Gunner and we could get food later. So when I finally got in bed last night, I realized I hadn't fed Gunner. I got up and fixed him a plate of left over pork chops. I went to the door and called him...and called him...and called him. I went to tell Grant but he was already asleep. I put on flip flops, grabbed a flashlight and went outside. I was trying to think how I would explain Gunner's absence to Addison. I looked in his doghouse, under the shed (on all fours!) and finally walked around. I saw him in the corner of the yard in a ball. He finally turned and acknowledged me. Gunner is now 8 years old. I guess he is loosing his hearing!
This really scared me!
I felt guilty because we don't spend near as much time with him as we use to. So tonight I let him in the house and we had a little quality time. I laid a towel down and gave him a treat. He immediately followed my command to get on the blanket. I guess he can still hear some, and I was impressed that he followed that command since it has been sooo long since we've used it. So now I am going to add spending more time with Gunner to my to do list. The life expectancy for Weimerainers is 10-12 years. I want his last few years to be happy! I just wish he could help me pick out hardwoods!