Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Day

We had a great Thanksgiving. We are very fortunate to live only a short driving distance away from our family, but it makes holidays a little crazy. We had 3 Thanksgivings to go to. We started out going to Prescott to see Paw Paw and Joy. I didn't take any picts but Gi did so I need to get them from her. We visited with them a couple of hours then headed to Murfreesboro. Addison fell asleep on our way, and against every ones' wishes, we let her sleep in the car for a little while once we got there. Even my dad was knocking on the window saying, "Wake up. Daddy Dick is here!" She finally woke up and we had a good time with my mom's family. We took this pict in my mom and dad's yard.

After staying at their house for a while we went to my Aunt Margaret and Uncle Tom's to celebrate the day with my dad's family. My Granny Sue was there and she and Addison had a good time walking around looking at the cows and horses. Addison didn't want to go inside and she "talked" her daddy into going outside with her. I love this shot!

Addison was excited when her Daddy Dick arrived!

It was a long day and Addison decided she wanted to go to sleep in the chair. "Just kidding"- she's awake!

But once we got on the road, she didn't last long. She slept all the way home and didn't even wake up when I put her to bed. It was a long day, but we enjoyed seeing our families!