Saturday, November 8, 2008

Grant's Form of Discipline

2-year old tantrums-WOW! I will say Addison in general is a really good child. She is sweet natured and for the most part very well behaved. She normally responds well to re-directions or 1,2,3, go in order to cooperate. Well, she has had a stuffy, runny nose this week, and she didn't act like she felt great today. She had a later nap and then we went out to eat with Aunt Gigi and "Shug". Grant, of course, needed something from Lowe's so we ran by there. We walked in the store and Grant grabbed a buggy. We usually get a "bus" as Addison calls them (the blue race car buggies). Addison insisted on the "bus", but Grant tried to put her in the buggy. SHE TURNED INTO A DIFFERENT CHILD! I have never seen her legs kick so fast! Grant was unable to get her in the buggy! So what did her daddy do? LAUGH! Not just a slight snicker, he began to really laugh! I got tickled, too, and then noticed a young guy that worked there was laughing, too. So Grant put her down, I squatted to her level, got a hold of myself, and told her she was going to get in the buggy. I then lifted her up and put her in. Simple!
You think she has her Daddy wrapped?!
I guess we can expect more of these fits down the road, and I'm sure it won't always be as funny. Tonight was just so unexpected and watching Grant truly not know what to do was quite funny. Daddy is going to have to crack down a little and neither of us need to laugh.
Addison still was able to analyze the situation. "Mommy and Daddy laugh. Addison made a bad choice."
Guess we all kinda did!


Holly Crutchfield said...

Totally understand! I love when Ty looks at me, like what do I do! It's amazing how they can change moods in a matter of seconds!