Saturday, October 25, 2008

Boo at the Zoo

On Saturday night the three of us went to Boo at the Zoo! Addison loved putting on her costume! She even liked the antennas and if they fell off, she would say, "I want my tennas!" I had to put extra clothes on her under her costume b/c it was suppose to be COLD!

I took some picts b/f we left the house...

Showing off her wings!

Addison really has this "cheese" thing down!

Getting ready for a "flight"

The zoo was really decorated. There were these large lights throughout the whole zoo.

This ghost was by the line for the train. We bought tickets to ride the train. Then we were told one of the trains had broken down on the track and it would be a little while b/f the trains were able to go again. We decided to walk around and got some lemonade! Addison had to potty, and when we got out of the bathroom, we noticed the train was loading again. We went right in, but barely missed getting on the train. We would have to wait until the next train. The man taking up tickets had his face painted. Addison said she was "scared of man". I was holding her and thought she was OK, but then she started saying she needed to poo poo. I said if we go poo poo we can't ride the train. This has become a game with her. If she is tired of waiting or doing something, she uses the poo poo excuse. She had already gone so I was pretty sure she really didn't need to go. She insisted! So we went. I got her on the potty, and she said again "I scared of man!" I felt sooo bad. She didn't go poop and we decided not to get back in the looong line. Instead we rode the carousal. She loved riding the "horses." Overall, it was fun! Next time we will be a little more prepared aka bring more cash!!!


Katie said...

What an adorable ladybug!!!