Saturday, November 15, 2008

My Little Picasso

Today Addison and I went to Hot Springs to meet Anna and Kane. Anna has been wanting us to go to Picasso's Cupboard for a while, and we finally were able to. We had so much fun. Addison loves to draw, color, and paint, so this was right up her alley! We then went and ate, and attempted to watch Madigascar-2. We made it for about an hour, then it was too close to nap time!

She picked out this stocking ornament. I thought this could be a new tradition. Each year she can paint an ornament for her Christmas Tree.

Addison and Kane both did a project with their hand print. I have been wanting to get a "Special Day" plate. My Granny Sue has one and I've always thought they were neat. We made our own today. Addison's hand print is in the middle, and I attempted to paint the outside edge. I am having "My Special Day" written across the top and "Addison" at the bottom. They bake the pottery and the colors look so vibrant. I can't wait to see it!

My Special Day plate!

This is what we don't want! We were at the house the other day and Addison started say "look mommy-I make ovals" There are lots of ovals on my new freshly painted wall. BUT she DREW OVALS! I AM PROUD OF HER!


Becky said...

I love your plate! I need to take E one day and make a handprint plate for him...been saying that for about 6 months now.

The house is almost done! It looks great. I can't wait to come visit you soon and see it finished.