Saturday, November 15, 2008

House Update

I have been putting off posting pictures of the house because something new is always happening. I just kept thinking I'll post when they get that done, or this done. Well, I went ahead and took pictures Monday, and they are already outdated! We now have the hardwoods in, the tile is grouted, the granite is in, the island is in the right place and the light has been hung above it, and the sod is in.
This week we plan to get carpet installed on Monday, the bathroom marble and granite installed, the backsplash finished in the kitchen, the fireplace done, and mirrors/glass/shower doors measured and ordered.
Grant is getting close to being done with his part. I really think electricians have the most work to do on a house! It is all the busy work that takes sooo much time-outlets, outlet covers, cable boxes, phone jacks, all the lighting fixtures, etc. etc. etc. Grant has spent soo much time at this house. I am soo proud of all he has done! I do have a new found respect for single moms b/c that is what I have felt like at times through this! It will all be worth it and we are on the down hill side!!! We are expecting to move in the first week of December! YEAH!


Katie said...

The house is looking beautiful!! I love the front door!

Gina said...

Thanks! I am soo ready for us to be done!

Paula said...

Ooooo, I love your cabinet color!! I know its stressful, but reading your post makes me want to build again...Its kinda fun:) Just think how nice it will be to spend your first Christmas there!