Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Things Addison's Daddy Does and Doesn't do...

An incident occurred this afternoon that persuaded me to blog about Addison and her Daddy! Here are some things Grant does and doesn't do when it comes to parenting and other things...and a few picts to go along with it!

Grant does read to Addison every night and gives her a snack. (Current fave is grapes)

He doesn't get up in the middle of the night when she wakes up screaming "I need to go pee pee." :)

Grant does kiss Addison's boo boos and makes them feel better.

He does not know where the first aid materials are in our house. :)

Grant does teach Addison to be patriotic and respect her country during the National Anthem. (I love this pict!)

Grant does not teach her the words to it. :)

Grant does snore

Grant does not think its as funny as I do when Addison "snores" like him and says, "daddy do that!"

Grant does love Addison very much!

He does not like to discipline her.:)

Grant does pick Addison up from school on the days I work and gets to spend time by himself with her.

Grant does not always watch her when playing with play-doh...

Grant does ask "what happened?" when Addison is screaming because..

Grant does not hold her down in order to dig play-doh out of her nose :)

Grant-I love you and you are a wonderful husband and father!


Gigi said...

Well, that's because Grant doesn't know the words to the National Anthem to teach her!!! Lol!! Just kidding bubba.....maybe!

Katie said...

This was hilarious!!!