Thursday, October 23, 2008

It's good to be home!

We are back home and glad to be here! This has been a crazy week! In the past 5 nights I have spent the night in 5 different places: my mom's, the hospital, home, my Granny's house, Manley and Carolyn's in MS. I am ready for my bed tonight. I have laundry piled up on the couch, and bags to unpack. Addison made the trip to Mississippi with us and did very well. Although this was a sad time for me, I have found comfort in the naive, sweet, funny comments and moments shared with Addison these past few days. I decided to include some...

Addison- "I want to go to Mississippi's house, too!"
"Mommy pretty, and daddy pretty!"
"Mam Maw is sleeping. Shh! Don't wake her up!"
"I scared of Daddy. He snoring"
"Susan do that!"
Me- "Thank you God for..." Addison-"Mommy and Daddy"
"Where's Kane? Where's Kane? Where's Kane?" (Addison adores her cousin!)
"Uncle Buddy silly!"
"That a man." Me-"no that is a lady" OOOPS!
Grant- "That is Addison's??!!" "That came from her?!"(sorry it was so funny-Grant hasn't experienced much Addison poop in the potty!)
And Sunday before Addison and I left Murfreesboro to come home, I let her go in and see Mam Maw. I prayed she wouldn't be scared because Mam Maw had an oxygen mask and bag on. Addison has been a little scared of Mam Maw in the past when she had oxygen on, but this day she was very comfortable. She kissed Mam Maw's hand and told her she loved her. Mam Maw was able to see her and tell her she loved her, too for the very last time.

It's funny how I have found strength through my child!