Saturday, October 11, 2008

Green and Brown and Purple! Oh My!

The past few days have been a lot about colors. (I don't know why the underlining is here) Last night Addison and I went into Little Rock. Gigi, my sister-in-law, met us at Bed Bath & Beyond. We looked at shower curtains and bedspreads. I am so overwhelmed and under decided! We ate dinner at the Purple Cow and we all enjoyed the purple milkshake!

At first she wasn't to excited about sharing and would say "Put it down, Mommy!" when I would take a drink. Then when we put 2 straws in there, she wanted me to drink every time she I did!
When she first tasted it she wouldn't stop drinking. We were afraid she would get a brain freeze. Yesterday morning, Addison and I went to Sherwin Williams and bought several paint samples. So today we packed our picnic basket and took lunch to the house. Grant was already out there. After we ate, Addison and I began putting sample colors in different rooms. This is brown in our Master. It may be too dark...
This green is in the kitchen. Addison said she made a caterpillar! May do this in the bathroom instead... We are using a neutral gold tone in most of the house, a red in the dining room, lime green in Addison's bathroom, and turquoise in Addison's room.
This is the completed mantel and my little painter wanting to paint some more. I think I am happy with the mantel. We were a little disappointed with how some of our trim turned out. It was our fault because we didn't communicate what we wanted very well. We then felt awkward about saying something to the man. The guys that we should've used came by today and are going to redo some of it. Now I see how budgets are blown! They are also going to do do the hearth like I wanted (using a different material) but was told it couldn't be done, our painting, and probably the tile. I really want a tile shower...we will see!


Danya said...

We tried a very dark like that in our master at first too. It was the darkest on the paint swatch! After we tried it, we realized it was way too dark so we went with Nuthatch from SW. I love the color, it is not too dark!

I'm so excited for you! The pictures of Addison and the milkshake are so cute. I've gotta try one of those!