Tuesday, September 30, 2008

You've come a long way baby! Especially this month

I intended this post to be about the house, but I had to post this picture! She loves her babies! And no, none of the babies have on clothes-go figure!

Guess I should've gone in reverse order, but I wanted to show how the house has progressed. This was taken of the great room 9/26. I am so proud of the hearth. I found a picture I liked and our wonderful framers built it! Grant and I like different and custom things!
Roof on, windows in and framing complete! Taken 9/12.
Framing begins..8/28. Our framers were incredible to watch. Of course, we couldn't understand them, but they worked so well together and worked fast which we really liked!
This is the safe room/Grant's closet. Thanks to my friend Kristi who suggested this. They are expensive to build, but you will do whatever to protect your baby! We followed FEMA specifications so hopefully we will get some money back on it.
Foundation poured finally and the rebar (not sure how to spell that) was drilled into place where the safe room would be built. This was taken on 8/26. Please note the framing progress 2 days later.

So it has come along way in the past month! We are proud of the progress!


Gigi said...

Addison and her babies, I love it! I am so proud of you guys and the beautiful home you are building. It's just coming right along, the hearth looks great! Love ya - Gigi

Gina said...

Thanks Gi!