Monday, October 20, 2008

Happy Birthday!

This has been one of the toughest weekends of my life. On Friday night, I called to check on my mother. She was walking into the nursing home to see my Mam Maw. She told me Mam Maw was having trouble breathing and she would call me back. They took her on to the hospital and mom was very concerned. On Saturday, I had a baby shower and Addison had a b-day party. We decided to skip them both (I knew Holly and Bethany would understand) and head to Murfreesboro. I spent some time at the hospital and Addison went to my sister's house. I couldn't decide what to do on Sunday. I just didn't want to tell Mam Maw bye. I knew it could be the last time. It was determined she had pneumonia, small blood clots in her lungs, and then she had a pretty massive heart attack. I decided to head back home and thought Addison and I would come back tonight or tomorrow. Anna called me around 8:00 last night and things weren't looking good. My cousin Ben and I went back down to Murfreesboro. I spent the night in a 2 bed hospital room with my mother across the hall from the ICU. That is the advantage of a small town hospital. The nurses were WONDERFUL, of course we knew most of them. They took excellent care of Mam Maw. About 2:00am today, I went to tell Mam Maw goodnight. It was now her birthday. The nurses were giving her a bath. I waited and then watched Mam Maw drink some diet coke. She loved her some diet coke! I said, "Mam Maw, I love you!" She replied, "I love you, too, baby!" Wow! I walked out and told Mom. She went in there and told her goodnight, but she didn't stir. As mom and I held hands and walked to our "room", mom told me that could be the last thing she said.

Well, today on her birthday, Mam Maw went to be with the Lord. What a perfect day for a mighty celebration! She was surrounded by her family who loves her very much, and several friends.

Please pray for my family as we experience this loss. It was time. It is OK, but it still hurts. Here are some things I like to remember...

  • Mam Maw lived a block from me growing up. We use to walk to Jr. Mart and I would get a green apple slush.
  • I use to stay with Mam Maw on New Year' Eve and celebrate with her.
  • She made trophies from double mint gum wrappers.
  • She could cook! chicken-n-dressing, pork roast, martha washington balls, divinity candy, macaroni and cheese.
  • She loved her family and laughed and talked about her favorite grandchild-whichever one was standing there with her!:)
  • She was so proud of her children
  • She loved to get her hair done.
  • She loved her husband who passed from this earth 28 years ago.
  • She loved to read-especially Christian romance novels.
  • She enjoyed keeping up with the Methodist ministers because she was a preacher's wife.
  • She loved sharing black walnut ice cream with anyone who would eat it with her.
  • She didn't like to throw things away-she still had a robe my Granddaddy gave her!

The list could go on and on. I have so many happy memories of her! So Happy Birthday Mam Maw! I know you are having the best birthday party ever!


Becky said...

I am sad for you! It is always a blessing when your loved ones are Christians but it doesn't hurt less. Grandparents are just so special!! Praying for you and family.

Love You!

Suzy said...

Bless your heart. That was such a nice post. What are Martha Washington balls? You'll be in our prayers. Love, Suzy

Gina said...

Thanks guys! We are home now, and the trip went well.
Martha Washington balls are a coconut and pecan mixture that are rolled and then dipped in chocolate. Mam Maw gave me the recipe not too long ago. Now I am going to have to make them!