Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Mermaid Cake!

A few weeks ago, Addison and I were in the car. We were talking about birthdays...

Me-Mommy's birthday will be here soon

Addison-You have a birthday cake?

Me-Yes. I want a cheesecake.

Addison-Oh! I want a Mermaid cake and Daddy wants a chocolate cake.

Me-(Mental note-mermaid birthday)

Fast Forward...

We have had this conversation several times since then. She always talks about the Mermaid cake. Well, today I came home from work and she came running up to me and said, "Look mommy! It's my cake! A Mermaid cake!"
She had found an insert from a movie and it had this same picture in it. She was sooo excited! The girl has been consistent! I looked tonight and found the cake topper on Ebay so I guess I will be ordering it soon! I'm not a big character person, but I am very excited about planning this Mermaid b-day party. We are considering having the party here. We have a few months, but one place I contacted was already booked. Guess that happens in July! Anyone have any ideas? I am thinking of having the guests bring/wear their swimsuits (I just bought Addison a Mermaid costume she will probably be wearing) but start the party in the house. Do some Mermaid related games/activities and then go outside for some water fun- staying with the theme. I think it will be fun!
Oh, and I bought some of the party favors this weekend. Shovels and pails! I had extra budget money so I put it to use!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

We're going to the zoo, zoo, zoo!

Last Wednesday, my mom, sister, and nephew came and spent the night. Addison was sooo excited. She absolutely adores Kane- and for the most part, Kane adores Addison. (He is a normal 8 year old boy!) We had this planned for a while and were scared the weather wasn't going to cooperate. We went to the zoo on Thursday. It was a little chilly, but we had fun!

Kane and Addison feeding the fish.

Farmer Addison!

All aboard the choo-choo train!

The lion stayed at the window. It made Anna and me a little nervous! It was growling/hissing and jumping on the glass. We didn't stay very long!

The elephants!

They were also having a spring carnival at the zoo. For an additional price, of course, you could buy tickets and ride the carnival rides. I was so proud of Addison! She loved the rides! We rode some rides at Sea World last year, but I was on them with her. She wasn't tall enough to ride at Magic Springs last year, so this was a first for her!

Driving a car, a pink one, of course!

Biker chick!

The lady bugs!

The bear ride! Addison said this made her busy (dizzy)!

When we got home Addison took Kane on a little spin in her jeep. She has finally gotten up the courage to ride this thing!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring Weekend

We had a lot of fun this past weekend. Like everyone else, we really enjoyed the beautiful weather. Grant rented a tractor and a bush hog and now we have a great (BIG) backyard!

Daddy on the tractor.

We planted an herb garden. It has basil, chives, and parsley. Yes, that is dirt on Addison's face. I put suncreen on her face and so the dirt really stuck!

We bought a little $5 golf set for Addison on Sunday. She had fun making holes in ...well she enjoyed hitting the ball into the holes! :) You can see the backyard in this picture. Thanks Daddy! You did a great job!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

What do you do when you are feeling better?

You put on your jewelry and play with your castle...
You paint a pretty picture...

You accessorize Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head...

You put on your pretty dress...

And dance!

What a difference a day makes! See Nana and Grammy, she is feeling better! She made it 4 1/2 hours today before having a temp and it only went up to 99.6 (so far:)). Still don't know what we will do tomorrow. May stay home one more day. I don't want to spread this virus to Macey or Olivia at Ms. Janice's house!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sick Baby and Busy Weekend

I will start with today...my baby is a sick little girl-at times. She is running a fever that is spiking every 4 hours. It hasn't been below 99 today. She doesn't act normal, but will seem OK for periods of time, and then you can tell when the fever goes back up. She wants to be HELD and just looks pitiful! God answered prayers bf they ever went up last night. My mom was spending an extra night with us so she could go to a meeting in LR. Then someone called and asked if she would switch work shifts and come in at 4:30 today instead of 11:00. This worked out perfect for us. Mom stayed with Addison this morning, while I ran to work for a little while. Then I came home, laid down with her, and then took her to the dr only to hear the "it will run its course" spill. I am so thankful that her ears were clear! I was so afraid she had an ear infection. So here is my sick little girl taking her nap today...Even a sick princess wears a tutu!

Now to Sunday. I have seen these kinds of posts and always wondered how they did it. Well I DID IT! Look at what I got for UNDER $4!!! Grant and Addison went with me to Walgreen's and Grant was so impressed!

Now to the weekend events. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOTHER! My mother just celebrated her 60th birthday. On Thursday, Addison and I spent the night with my mom and went to her pretend birthday party. On Friday, Anna and I took her out to eat in Hot Springs and to see Confessions of a Shopaholic-which was surprisingly good! Then on Saturday Grant, Addison and I went to Murfreesboro for Mom's real surprise party. It turned out so well. Anna worked very hard planning everything! My Aunt Susan decorated beautifully and sang a wonderful song. My another aunt, Aunt Karen made a slide show with pictures of mom growing up, me and Anna growing up, and then with Addison and Kane. There were 2 other songs performed. There were so many people there. Family and friends, including my MIL and FIL- thanks for coming!

Here is Nana with her grandchildren

This was Addison's favorite part of the night...the icing covered shoe that was on the cake!

Me and Granny Sue

My mom and dad

Addison and a friend...note Addison's outfit!
This is not what I planned on her wearing, but I woke
her from her nap and was in a hurry to leave. For some
reason, she decided she wanted to wear her tutu. I made the
best of it, and thought she looked pretty cute!

Addison and my cousin Nathan

We did a lot of running around, and my house was a disaster come Monday. It was all worth it, well, Mom is worth it! Thanks for all you do Mom! I love you!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Addison's Prince

"Daddy, I give you a kiss and you can be a prince!"

"Daddy, now you a prince"

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What Have I Done?!?

I am very weird about things matching. I think I miss out on some cute looks, because it doesn't exactly "go together." I drive my Mom crazy about this- especially black. If you are wearing black pants, your black shirt really needs to be the same material, but at least the exact same shade of black! Crazy me, huh?! Well I am afraid I have passed this matching craziness on to my child. Let me begin by saying she did not nap today. We made it through bunastics (Add's new word for gymnastics) and she really did good there. I didn't wash her hair tonight and hurried through her bath. I knew we were getting close to a meltdown. I put on her pj bottoms that she wore last night, but I couldn't find the matching shirt anywhere. I grabbed another pj top (this really bothered me, but I didn't want to change the pants and encourage a meltdown-little did I know...) and put it on her. Grant came in there to give her grapes and read a book. Then they went to brush her teeth. THEN IT HAPPENED! She discovered her top didn't match her bottoms. She began screaming "I don't like this shirt" over and over again. Sometimes I would just ignore this behavior, but since it really bothered me, too, I did the best thing I could. WE WENT INTO THE LAUNDRY ROOM AND GOT A CLEAN PAIR OF MATCHING PJS! AHHH Much better. Dreams will be sweeter!
I love my little mini me!