Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What Have I Done?!?

I am very weird about things matching. I think I miss out on some cute looks, because it doesn't exactly "go together." I drive my Mom crazy about this- especially black. If you are wearing black pants, your black shirt really needs to be the same material, but at least the exact same shade of black! Crazy me, huh?! Well I am afraid I have passed this matching craziness on to my child. Let me begin by saying she did not nap today. We made it through bunastics (Add's new word for gymnastics) and she really did good there. I didn't wash her hair tonight and hurried through her bath. I knew we were getting close to a meltdown. I put on her pj bottoms that she wore last night, but I couldn't find the matching shirt anywhere. I grabbed another pj top (this really bothered me, but I didn't want to change the pants and encourage a meltdown-little did I know...) and put it on her. Grant came in there to give her grapes and read a book. Then they went to brush her teeth. THEN IT HAPPENED! She discovered her top didn't match her bottoms. She began screaming "I don't like this shirt" over and over again. Sometimes I would just ignore this behavior, but since it really bothered me, too, I did the best thing I could. WE WENT INTO THE LAUNDRY ROOM AND GOT A CLEAN PAIR OF MATCHING PJS! AHHH Much better. Dreams will be sweeter!
I love my little mini me!


Katie said...

SO funny!!! I'm the same way....the other morning I put a different pj top on Kaleb because he spit up on the matching one and he was going down for a nap anyways. I was VERY difficult for me NOT to change his pants too!