Sunday, March 29, 2009

We're going to the zoo, zoo, zoo!

Last Wednesday, my mom, sister, and nephew came and spent the night. Addison was sooo excited. She absolutely adores Kane- and for the most part, Kane adores Addison. (He is a normal 8 year old boy!) We had this planned for a while and were scared the weather wasn't going to cooperate. We went to the zoo on Thursday. It was a little chilly, but we had fun!

Kane and Addison feeding the fish.

Farmer Addison!

All aboard the choo-choo train!

The lion stayed at the window. It made Anna and me a little nervous! It was growling/hissing and jumping on the glass. We didn't stay very long!

The elephants!

They were also having a spring carnival at the zoo. For an additional price, of course, you could buy tickets and ride the carnival rides. I was so proud of Addison! She loved the rides! We rode some rides at Sea World last year, but I was on them with her. She wasn't tall enough to ride at Magic Springs last year, so this was a first for her!

Driving a car, a pink one, of course!

Biker chick!

The lady bugs!

The bear ride! Addison said this made her busy (dizzy)!

When we got home Addison took Kane on a little spin in her jeep. She has finally gotten up the courage to ride this thing!


Nana said...

What a fun day! Enjoyed being with all of you!

Paula said...

I just noticed the title of this post. Today, I took the boys to the zoo and as we were walking in Jackson started singing "Were going to the zoo, zoo, zoo..." I am assuming this is a song that I havent heard???