Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sick Baby and Busy Weekend

I will start with baby is a sick little girl-at times. She is running a fever that is spiking every 4 hours. It hasn't been below 99 today. She doesn't act normal, but will seem OK for periods of time, and then you can tell when the fever goes back up. She wants to be HELD and just looks pitiful! God answered prayers bf they ever went up last night. My mom was spending an extra night with us so she could go to a meeting in LR. Then someone called and asked if she would switch work shifts and come in at 4:30 today instead of 11:00. This worked out perfect for us. Mom stayed with Addison this morning, while I ran to work for a little while. Then I came home, laid down with her, and then took her to the dr only to hear the "it will run its course" spill. I am so thankful that her ears were clear! I was so afraid she had an ear infection. So here is my sick little girl taking her nap today...Even a sick princess wears a tutu!

Now to Sunday. I have seen these kinds of posts and always wondered how they did it. Well I DID IT! Look at what I got for UNDER $4!!! Grant and Addison went with me to Walgreen's and Grant was so impressed!

Now to the weekend events. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOTHER! My mother just celebrated her 60th birthday. On Thursday, Addison and I spent the night with my mom and went to her pretend birthday party. On Friday, Anna and I took her out to eat in Hot Springs and to see Confessions of a Shopaholic-which was surprisingly good! Then on Saturday Grant, Addison and I went to Murfreesboro for Mom's real surprise party. It turned out so well. Anna worked very hard planning everything! My Aunt Susan decorated beautifully and sang a wonderful song. My another aunt, Aunt Karen made a slide show with pictures of mom growing up, me and Anna growing up, and then with Addison and Kane. There were 2 other songs performed. There were so many people there. Family and friends, including my MIL and FIL- thanks for coming!

Here is Nana with her grandchildren

This was Addison's favorite part of the night...the icing covered shoe that was on the cake!

Me and Granny Sue

My mom and dad

Addison and a friend...note Addison's outfit!
This is not what I planned on her wearing, but I woke
her from her nap and was in a hurry to leave. For some
reason, she decided she wanted to wear her tutu. I made the
best of it, and thought she looked pretty cute!

Addison and my cousin Nathan

We did a lot of running around, and my house was a disaster come Monday. It was all worth it, well, Mom is worth it! Thanks for all you do Mom! I love you!


Paula said...

What a great party! I love that you let her wear a tu-tu...I have let the boys wear superhero costumes out...I get some funny looks/laughs, but you know 2 years from now, they will be too cool to wear their Batman costume (or tu-tu) to Wal-Mart.
Sorry she has been sick. There are alot of bugs going around-esp. the "fever virus"! Tucker is home with me today, in fact.

Katie said...

We are obsessed with the Walgreens deals....last week we bought like 18 packs of diapers and 8 packs of wipes for under $100. We are set for several months!