Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Mermaid Cake!

A few weeks ago, Addison and I were in the car. We were talking about birthdays...

Me-Mommy's birthday will be here soon

Addison-You have a birthday cake?

Me-Yes. I want a cheesecake.

Addison-Oh! I want a Mermaid cake and Daddy wants a chocolate cake.

Me-(Mental note-mermaid birthday)

Fast Forward...

We have had this conversation several times since then. She always talks about the Mermaid cake. Well, today I came home from work and she came running up to me and said, "Look mommy! It's my cake! A Mermaid cake!"
She had found an insert from a movie and it had this same picture in it. She was sooo excited! The girl has been consistent! I looked tonight and found the cake topper on Ebay so I guess I will be ordering it soon! I'm not a big character person, but I am very excited about planning this Mermaid b-day party. We are considering having the party here. We have a few months, but one place I contacted was already booked. Guess that happens in July! Anyone have any ideas? I am thinking of having the guests bring/wear their swimsuits (I just bought Addison a Mermaid costume she will probably be wearing) but start the party in the house. Do some Mermaid related games/activities and then go outside for some water fun- staying with the theme. I think it will be fun!
Oh, and I bought some of the party favors this weekend. Shovels and pails! I had extra budget money so I put it to use!


Kristina said...

Cute! Adalyn tells everyone she knows that she wants a Cinderella cake so it looks like we will be on the look out for a character cake as well! She even recognized the word Cinderella on a display book at the library today and there was no other indication on the cover that it was cinderella...it was a caribbean version, blew me away!