Thursday, March 21, 2013

Our Knight

Since Grant was in Waco, the girls and I left Saturday and drove to Waco. We were so happy to see him! it had been a week! We ate at Buzzard Bills the first night. The girls were able to feed ducks from the deck where we ate. On Sunday, we met my cousin Allison and her fiancé Allen for breakfast and church. We drove around looking at houses, then went back to the hotel. Grant swam with the girls while I did his laundry.
On Monday, we left daddy, our real Knight, to head to Dallas to meet Mom, Anna, and Kane to go to Medieval Times. Both Addison and Ansley loved it! They got into cheering for our Knight of the night. Ansley got upset though and said they were being mean!
We had a blast being together and watching the show!
Oh and Ansley said we were cheering for Jesus. The only reason why I could think of is they were calling the king lord! That funny girl!
Besides the fact that Grant was miserable, and we were praying for guidance, we were enjoying spring break!