Friday, March 22, 2013

On to the Rainforest and then the Lodge

Tuesday we headed to Grapevine. We went to the mall and ate at the Rainforest Cafe. We shopped a little (I heard our news from Grant) and then we headed to Great Wolf Lodge! We had a blast! My girls did so good taking turns at the different areas. When Grant got there, he and Addison rode the bigger slides. Ansley didn't nap, so I got her to sleep early Tuesday night and mom stayed in the room with her letting the three of us enjoy the bigger slides together. On Wednesday, we got up and enjoyed the water park some more. Mom took Ansley for ice cream and we rode more!

Ansley helped herself to snack on the way to Grapevine.  She said, Mom I need a napkin!  Yes she did!

The girls thought the bunk beds in our room were so neat! 

Addison is such a big girl now!  She was able to ride all the slides.  Before Grant got there, I only let her ride the smaller slides that didn't have long lines and I could see her the whole time! 

On Wednesday morning, Ansley and I were the first ones up so we went to Starbucks
 and then walking around. Great Wolf is an awesome place!  

My big little girl on the slides!  Addison walked with her the first couple of times, 
and then she started going by herself.  She would wait in line on her turn, and did so good listening to the lifeguards!  

We headed back home Wednesday afternoon. I've never been so excited to come home! I was so glad there wasn't a for sale sign in the yard like we originally planned! Grant couldn't wait to sleep in his own bed! We love to travel, but there is no place like home... In Benton, AR!